Friday, June 19, 2009

Kai Xin

Hello everybody let's all do a good deed today!!!

I found this on someone's blog a few days ago. Rather than me explaining to you all, I will copy and paste for you all to see.


The following are scanned copies of the article in da chinese newspaper.

sinchew-kaixin  Part 1 of 3

sinchew-kaixin  Part 2 of 3

sinchew-kaixin  Part 3 of 3

Their daughter Loke Kai Xin was diagnosed with biliary atresia at 3 months old and a Kasai procedure was done in February then. Unfortunately, the procedure did not cure her condition and was advised liver transplant as her last and only option.

Due to her weight, she was advised by University of Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC) to seek medical help from Singapore. After the first round of pre-assessment at National University Hospital S’pore (NUH), Eric's liver artery is too short and narrow if the surgeon cut out the left lobe of the liver. Although there is no risk for Eric but it will lead to future complication and the result will not be good for Kai Xin. Huey Jing went thru all major pre-assessment and found to be a favourable donor prior to the rest of the assessments to be done at a later date.

At the moment, Kai Xin's current weight is 7.2 kg inclusive of water in her tummy and they need to get Kai Xin to gain her weight to 8kg before the liver transplant team can arrange the date to have the transplant done. Kai Xin is staying in UMSC as they need to use a feeding pump to feed her gradually during the night (less milk volume but increased feeding frequency) plus maintaining her health level to be as good as possible.

The total cost including post-operations and follow up expected to be at the region of RM500k (liver transplant and pre-assessment SGD200k, post ops, follow ups etc) or more due to her age. This amount is just too high for them to bear in full moreover they've spent more than RM50k up till now for Kai Xin's medical expenses; therefore they are appealing for help. As of last week, the figure had barely touched 10% of the amount needed. Hopefully with their plight highlighted in Sin Chew Jit Poh, the desired amount can be met.

A fund has been set-up for Kai Xin with following bank account details. For those who are keen, kindly deposit your donations (cash or cheque) in favour of:

Name: Loke Kai Xin
Maybank Berhad A/C No.: 1-14013-213313

Note: If you're using Maybank2U/ATM, you'll see Lee Huey Jing displayed instead.

Can find more info here. it's a blog updated by the Loke's friends.


This is definitely a genuine case and isn't Kai Xin such a cutie pie? *heart melt* I don't know them personally but it's very sad lor, with what's happening to her. I cannot imagine what her parents must be going through. Must be a very traumatic, scary, worrying experience.

Anyway, what i'm trying to say here is, if you guys are able to, try to donate something k. i already did. Doesn't have to be a big amount. Sikit sikit lama menjadi bukit right? After all, if we can spend RM50 or RM100 on a dress or a pair of shoes or just for dinner, why not forgo the pair of shoes this week and contribute your money to something good and worthwhile. After all, we can always make back the money again. And let's all pray together for her well-being.

That's all peeps. TGIF!


The Lokes said...

Hi Eva, thanks for highlighting. Can you please point the link to Our friends are helping us out with the updates. Thanks again.

Eva The Peanut said...

The lokes: No prob, my pleasure. :)