Monday, June 22, 2009

An afternoon at Josie Posie's

Oh hi everyone!! How was your weekend??

Our Sunday afternoon was spent at Josie Posie's together with the Wangs. Well, actually both Posie & Mrs Wang wanted to see Peanut since the last time they saw her was during her full moon. So plans were made, BigB was booked, frozen curry puffs were bought (by Posie), SLR camera readied (by Mrs Wang) and all of us converged at Posie's at around 3pm.

On the way to Posie's house..

Wanna fight ah?

Stopped once she caught me looking at her

Once we reached, serious corporate professionals Posie and Mrs Wang became softies and mushies and started goo-gooing & baby talking to Peanut.

In good company


Since Mrs Wang brought her SLR, we had an awesome time taking pics. Below are some pics that she took:

At Posie's

Mr Wang holding Peanut

I think Posie's gonna be a natural at being a mum

Peanut looking at my not so fancy camera

Nice kan the pics? So professional looking. Faded background, super clear subjects and stuff, whatever terms those pro photographers want to call them.

Thanks Mrs Wang for taking the pics for us! And thanks to Josie for feeding us longan cocktails, boozy chocs & curry puffs *burrrp* . And er..thanks Mr Wang (cannot leave him out) for bringing Mrs Wang there!!

Cheers everyone! :)

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Pei Chyi said...

she looks so serious in the 1st pic, like realli wanna pick a fight with the pillow wehhh
i wanna carry her again!!