Wednesday, June 10, 2009

3 months!!

Peanut a.k.a Ah Pui a.k.a Ah Bie a.k.a Eva is 3 months old!!! So many names hoh!! Sometimes I confused myself when I'm talking about her to someone. Like how I'll accidentally refer her as Peanut when i talk to my in-laws, who have no idea about the existense of this blog ( i think) and have no inkling that i've named her after a plant. Or how I lawak lawak call her Ah Pui...cos she's really an ah pui lor! At 3 months old, she's already 6.6kg. A bit big for a girl, though the doc did assure us parents that she's fine; not overweight. She's just slightly above average la, at the higher end of the chart. It's okay la, i'm also ah pui lah. Like mother like daughter.

Talking about my weight, i think my fats have become cement inside me. Immovable, irregardless of how little rice i'm eating. Siens seriously, but i shall not give up! *full of determination*

Wah i'm typing on the bed now, feeling so sleepy. How like this?? Every day i come home i'll feel so tired, shoulders aching, eyes wanna droop to sleep, probably from sitting in front of the computer far too long. I need a seriously. damn. good.massage!!! STAT! Sigh. Anyway, i just bought a bag online. Can somebody stop me?? I think i have an addiction. Need to go to some online-shopaholics-anonymous group.

Watever. A post is never a post without some pictures of Ah Pui Peanut. Here are some of her at 3 months old.

A happy Peanut. Always happy when there's a camera pointing a her.

Wanna show you guys her non-existent hair. Should we shave all her hair off ah??

Damn excited

Looks like boy lor!! Hallo Evan wtf

One big one small

Most people (99% la actually) will say Peanut resembles BigB more. But look at her left eye!!! Got double eyelid okay!! Just like mine. Never mind the fact that her other eye is single-lid but at least one little part of her looks like me *tears of joy running down cheeks*

okie need to attend to Peanut. Bye everybody!!


tAuRuS said...

Eh she's so cute lorr.. very smiley. I think be an Ah Pui when young ok ma. cute cute all the way!!!

Pei Chyi said...

eh ah pui so pinkish cheeks one. u put blusher for her ah?

Josie said...

She has ur eyes!!! Oh wait, you said that at the end of post, hahaha. So Cute-lo! Pray July fast-fast come then u can bring her over my place then I can camwhore with her :)

Leona Lim said...

eh i actually she resembles you lar..last 2 some of your features heh

Richard Ling said...


she's beautiful and adorable`````

Cynthia said...

I am here for the first time.. and a beautiful girl!

Eva The Peanut said...

thanks everyone for the nice comments :)