Saturday, May 30, 2009

Online shopping

My life has been reduced to having to do my shopping online, cos shopping during the weekends are next to impossible. I have to sacrifice leaving Peanut at home if I were to go out, and between going out and staying home withPeanut, it's not a difficult choice to see which I would rather do.

Anyways...yeah, back to online shopping. *bows down to the internet* So far, touch wood, shopping online has been so simple and easy, and no items have been lost in transit to me, and all the e-shops that ive bought from are very reliable i.e. fast in responding, and packages are received in usually less than 3 days. And my packages come in all sizes. From a normal postal envelope to a big as a tv box.

Let's see what i've bought so far.

a) Nameplate Necklace

I love Ah Pui so much until I need to buy a necklace with her name on it for me to wear. So i can keep her close to my heart while I go to work *gloom*. I bought it from this website. It looks a bit dodgy when I first went there. It's not really a professional looking website isn't it? And it seems to cater to international markets hence the prices in pounds. But it's based in Penang, so I wrote to the email add on the website, and within a few hours someone responded to me. I just need to tell her the design code that I want, the name I want the necklace to be, and the length of the chain. She was very professional, and quick, and I received my necklace in just a few days. Wooho!


b) Baby Carrier

I'm crazy enough to purchase a baby carrier online without first testing it out. But I was doing my confinement when i bought this, and confinement makes you do crazy things. And I was itching to go shopping.


I bought it from here. Delivery was free for purchases above RM200 and it looks good enough online and it wasn't expensive (for a baby carrier). And we need it so it was a no-brainer. This one lagi best. It took only a day for it to reach me. Cool bananas or what?

c) Bag inserts

I bought it here .

I did not buy any diaper bag cos I have lots of big bags which i can use as one. And who needs a diaper bag when you have this?!! All you have to do is to just insert the above into any big bags that you have and ta-dahhh! You have a diaper bag!

Peanut's stuff

This bag insert is pretty nifty. There are many compartments where you can put your diapers, pacifiers bla bla bla and at the sides, there are two compartments where you can put your milk bottles and thermos! And if you wanna use a different bag, you just lift the whole thing up and just transfer the whole thing! Easy peasy. I also use it for work, cos my work bag is pretty soft i.e can't stand up by itself so when i put this inside, my bag can be upright without flopping down. And i can find my stuff easily without having to dig through the whole bag.

d) Cloth diapers

Ah Pui / Peanut modelling it here

I was quite fascinated with cloth diapers because of its cute designs and practicality. They're not cheap leh, a good one will cost around RM75 to RM90 a piece and you probably need around 12 to fully cloth diapered your kiddo 24/7 . Not really sure whether I should invest in a whole range of cloth diapers for Peanut, I decided to test test the water and buy 2 from this website. The coolababy range is cheap and for someone who's not sure whether to go into this whole cloth diaper thingy, I think this is a good start. And so far, I like it. Pretty good quality stuff. And Peanut is comfy in it too.

e) Babywearing Pouch

That's not me and Peanut by the way. It's a pic i took off its website.

Again, I'm easily influenced by blogs, and I saw this lady praising it and she bought it from here. This shop is based in Singapore but since most of the online shops in KL don't have the designs I like, no choice lor have to buy it from there. I had it delivered to my really nice colleague in our Singapore office, and she passed it to my boss who then brought it back for me. Quite troublesome, but when you gotta have it, you gotta have it! But i doubt i'll do it again because of its impracticality. Though this shop does deliver to KL, I don't really think my package will arrive safely using normal post, and having it couriered to me is quite expensive. Not worth it.

I was so happy when i received it keke but at the same time a bit worried whether Peanut will like it or not, so I tried it on just now.

You think she likes it?

I think she does!! :)

Very easy to wear and can wear it in 3 ways. And i have my hands free once Peanut is in it which means i can do other stuff too!

I just realised all the things I've bought are for Peanut. I've yet to buy clothes for myself online yet. It's a bit risky isn't it? It might not fit me cos you know how some of these clothes are really small even though it doesn' look like it is online. So um...not yet.

But ALL HAIL THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for making life a tad easier for me!


tAuRuS said...

eh the bag inserts very terror wey

Pei Chyi said...

eeek....ah pui so smiley omg! too bad couldn't meet her on sunday sigh...

Leona Lim said...

hhm i find it so hard to use the sling in cradle position...i don't know how you do it! i have to use stomache to stomache position now. i lurve online shopping! so much that i don't know how to shop in malls anymore haha

laissezfaire said...

sooo cute? Mind if we share this lovely pic of peanut on Pupsik? We can try and find a economical and reliable way of sending things to you in KL. Do email us at if you need any help. Take care! =)

Su Ling