Monday, May 4, 2009

Random bits

Sigh...1 more week and I'm back to work! Waking up at an inhuman hour, driving the long commute to work, suffering in the jam, God help me.

So that's why i've not been blogging much. I need to make full use of the remaining week. I've been trying to finish that book which is taking wayyyy too long, finish up all the dvds, taking more pics of Peanut since I doubt i can do so much when i'm back at work, and generally been spending more quality time with her. Phew!


Anyways.......i did my hair last week. And i'm never going back to that hair salon anymore!! Cos in the 2 hours plus i was there, the gal has been forcing me to do lots of stuff !! All i want was a dye job but the moment i sat down she said my scalp a bit sensitive and need to do treatment. So yeah, okay whatever, since my hair and scalp also need a bit of pampering so I said fine, and hope she'll shaddap after tat. But no lor!!! She did the treatment but while dyeing my hair, she kept saying how sensitive my scalp is, what the hell! I already do your treatment lor wat else you want!

So...actually got udang di sebalik batu. She then showed me this shampoo which cost RM128 (siaw!) and say it's good for me yadda yadda but hor, it smelt like ginseng. Gross!!! Later BigB say my hair smell like chinese soup how? So i just smiled politely and say no.

Then, she kept saying my hair super dry and say I need to do another treatment, bloody hell. Aiyo nothing will help my dry hair except me shaving the whole damn thing off okay so I said no. Okay fine, still didn't give up. Then she brought this huge calculator and this big chart and ask me to take up their "package". A RM1888 package where you can do your hair i dunno how many times for a small price. I'm super low maintenance with my hair lor and I dun like to spend long hours at the salon unless necessary and it's RM1888 leh!! But must give credit to her la, she's seriously dem persistent and has the "never give up attitude" so i think she should get a sales job at my office there! She kept selling from the time I sat down on the chair, to while dyeing my hair, all the way while washing my hair to when i reach the cashier to pay for it. I think she's very ngam for the job since she die die also must make sales. But I was one step away from shrieking "shadddappppp!"


PC!! Your balloon dem semangat wey! Almost two months and it's still floating!


I went to my Doc on Saturday for the 6 weeks post-partum check up.

And he kept pushing me to take birth control pills lor as my family planning method!

I told him I don't want any since i'm not very keen on eating foreign substance when it's not neccessary. Then he kept saying " it's good for you!". Many benefits!! Better complexion!! "Less heavier menstrual flow!" "More regular period!"

What's with this heavy selling of contraceptive pills?? They get commission issit? I dun have any pimples at the moment (*touch wood*), my period has never been heavy (*touch wood!*) and it's always super regular (*touch wood touch wood touchwooooood!*) So why should I take the pill? And there are other methods of family planning rite??? Strange.

I also asked him when can I start going for mammograms. And he said I'm paranoid wtf.

Paranoid meh?? i thought breast cancer is ocurring in women at a younger age nowadays. I mean i've heard of women getting breast cancer in their twenties! And i told him that. Then he asked me to do self-checks at home and just go for mammograms at the age of 40. Wat if my self-examinations missed out something??


Been taking lots of pics of Peanut lately.

Favorite past time: Sleeping on my lap

Sleeping with Mr Moo Moo Cow

What do you mean I have double chin??!



Sucking on the juicy couture pacifier that Taurus jie jie gave me. Yums!!

More action on the lap

*good mood*

Yeah yeah yeah i know i have fat cheeks. Whatever. Bye.


tAuRuS said...

Graceeeeeeeeee pls come back to work ok!! I'm so sad there!! hehehe

Which salon is this? Damn scary weyy.. reminds me of some sg wang shop u go in and the salesperson follows u around which forces u to leave at the end

Yalor, do self-checks at home how to feel leh? And I thought birth control against our religion? *koff* super religious side emitting for a bit.

Baby Eva very prosperous leh. Good job! good job! heheh

Eva The Peanut said...

Taurus: Meiliiiiiiiii coming back dee heheeh. Anyway, the stupid salon is in Damansara la, at one of the shops there.

The doc gave me this brochure with the self-check illustrations and ask me to do it myself. But i see also still dunno whether i'm doing it correctly or not hahaha. dunno la, i think one of these days i will go to another doc just to do a mammogram keke

Josie said...

Against religion aside, I don't think the doctor is very good-lo coz A. They will never push for birth control pills if you don't want to and B. People should do mammograms for preventive purposes. What rubbish to only do one at 40? A mutual friend who is 2 years older than me has been suffering from Breast cancer for the past 6 years now...sigh.

Anyway, hugs and kisses for my little diva.

Pei Chyi said...

EEEK! the balloon got magical powers is it? shizzzz i got it from Balloon Buzz in taipan if you're looking at investing in a balloon that keeps afloat for 2 friggin months wtf

eh the salon ladies probably went through commando training in sales lor, or very likely she gets like 50% commission off that RM 1,888 or else u think why she so pushy?

Peanut is sooo prosperous lor so cute chubby round blubby blob blob i wanna hold her pls!

Eva The Peanut said...

Josie: Exactly lor, I dun understand the doc la sometimes. Pushing me to take pills when i told him 4 times in that short conversation that i'm not interested. I also think I dunno how to say no la, that's my problem. And the "no need mammogram thingy till you're 40?" Wot planet is he living on ah nowadays.

PC: Ya she's definitely getting a cut la i think, if not why so persistent. And yes, your balloon got magic power. I'll let u know when it deflate finally.

kiLikiNa said...

I think the gynae pushing for contraceptive is really unethical. But, he's just about right about mammogram. Too much of mammogram also can cause cancer. So, I guess in the end it's up to individuals.