Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm having sleep deprivation wey..

Lately, Peanut has been waking up twice in a night instead of the usual once. Maybe she gets hungrier faster now. She's also a very light sleeper and can wake up at the slightest sounds.

This not-enough-sleep is making me hazy. I can't think straight when I drive, my eyes feel drier making it hard for me to wear contact lenses for long, I'm easily irritable *oops..sorry BigB!* hehe, and I can now sleep at a drop of a hat. I used to not be able to fall asleep easily.

I now try to wake up by 6:20am at the latest, so i can get out of the house by 7am. Everything needs to be done at a military precision. Besides getting ready for work, i also need to wash Peanut's bottle from the night before, change her if she's wet, bring her down to my MIL so she can take over, play and talk to Peanut for a few minutes, clean up whatever mishaps that has happened the night before i.e. milk stains & pee on the bedsheet. Usually i'll just wipe the stains off with wet wipes. No time okay!! And grab a quick cup off coffee before I zoom out of the door. Wah...tired even before i start the day!

Things will get better right? *hopeful*

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