Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh hi!!

Everyday when i reach home at my in-laws, I'll always greet Peanut first and get a full report on what she did the whole day from my MIL ie. how many times did she poop, how long did she sleep, when was her last meal yadda yadda so I know what to expect at night . Then i'll quickly take a shower before I give Peanut a rub down and change her into her pyjamas for the night.

Today I dressed her up in this cute baby gro outfit that Josie gave her almost two months ago. It was quite big then but now she's grown big enough to wear it. All pink and flowery, at least she looks like a girl when she sleeps cos normally she'll wear my nephew's hand me downs. . But she still looks like a boy sometimes. The other day, she was mistaken for a boy by the nurse...*smacks head*

Anyway I plonked her onto her "photoshoot bouncer" and took some photos cos i felt like it. Luckily she was in a good mood.

Hi Josie Jie Jie!!!!!!!!!!!! Howza doing??

Full body shot

I hate my camera. Stupid sony *grumbles grumbles* I need to get a new one but I dunno what to get yet *ponders* I need something that can take a clear picture when Peanut moves around and maybe take better shots at night. I probably need to troll some forums to see what's good out there...haih..or should I just get the one Xiaxue has?!! I'm so easily influenced by what i see on blogs i tell you, I need a restraining order.


Lately, i feel i am turning into an auntie. An Ah Sam. Seriously, you know you're turning into an auntie when you compare diaper and milk prices in supermarkets. Do you know that Jusco sells cheaper Mamy Poko diapers by a few dollars as compared by Tesco?? Nope, I don't think you guys care anyway haha but if you buy in bulk like we do, it matters! And that formula milk sold in those Chinese medicine halls are cheaper than those sold in supermarkets?? Why all these different pricing seriously? Can't they make life easier for mothers already and just stick to one price rather than have them running around like aunties comparing prices??! And what's the deal seriously with all these formula milk manufacturers who lilkes to increase their prices every few months as they like?? Very song meh?


why so serioouuusss

Two weeks ago I attended a wedding, and this little cutie pie was the pageboy at the church wedding. He was wearing the full regalia, bow tie and all. He's too cute for words. And he had this serious, solemn look the whole time. 20 minutes later, he still had this look when the bridal march starts and the bride and her dad started walking in and he refuses to budge. Just stand only with that look on his face. He had to be gently pushed by his mother alongside the flower girl to the altar.


Ah Pui looking like a boxer before a tournament

Practicing her left hook *jab*jab*jab*

Night everybody!!


tAuRuS said...

Eh the page boy so cute leh. I think he's older than 2-lah. Maybe 4 years old. I hope Zachary doesn't pull that stunt on me ok! I can so imagine him defying my SIL.

U sure can call ah pui Ah Pui ah? Later foh peng complain. heheheh but ah pui really very pui pui nice to kiss ler. hehehe

Pei Chyi said...

Ey the page boy look so gangsta! but cute worrr...
wait, Ah Pui the cutest!

Josie said...

HELLO Lil Peanut! Oh, the little diva looks do chirpy in colorful outfit. *Note to self to buy more in future*. Wah, can't believe she can fit into the clothes already. Time flies real fast!

Eva The Peanut said...

mei li: I dunno leh. everytime i see kids, i dunno how to determine their age haha

I can only call Peanut Ah Pui NOT in front of her haha aijor last nite i said some more things and this foh peng keep giving me looks only.

PC: Thanks!

Josie: Yalor, i was quite surprised when i put it on her. i tot it'll be a bit big, mana tau ngam ngam.