Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Month-Day!

Peanut is now 2 months old. Phew, time flies really fast. Before you know it, she's off to college!

She now weighs around 5.6kg, and loves using her hands to swat at her face. Or mine. She seems to be putting on weight quite rapidly as she can't seems to fit most of her clothes already. She's also sleeping for longer periods now, thankfully, usually only waking up once in the night. I still get super groggy at night when i'm feeding her but all grogginess are swept away when she lights up and smiles at you suddenly. Ah, how it warms my heart. Yes, she's smiling very frequently now, often in response when we're talking to her or making funny faces.

Currently she's sleeping with us on the bed. She sleeps between me and BigB. Not a very good idea, i know, but I pity her la, sleeping all alone in the crib, with Moo Moo Cow only for company. She must be lonely, no? Well i think she is cause she cries every time she's in it. Or the "sarong" in the room. But i really love having her sleeping next to me. It's a feeling that I can't describe. It must be love. :)


Of course we have to be extra careful with her in the bed, so both me and BigB have been sleeping on edges of the bed so we won't roll over her at night. And she has an army of small, very low and firm pillows around her built like a fortress. Small and firm enough for it not to tumble onto her, but big enough for us to know that we can't cross over. But we probably have to put her back in the crib when she can start rolling over.

And bathing her has been easy so far. No screaming fest, touch wood. I think she enjoys being in the water. Bathing her for the first time was nerve wrecking, but as a friend taught me, i have to have a firm hand when dealing with her and cannot show her my nervousness as she can sense it. And i need to talk to her in a calm, confident tone. Sort of like how you'll have to be when you go for interviews hehe

Ah well. Peace out!

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Pei Chyi said...

eeeks! she's grown so quicklyyyy
i was also thinking how u would avoid like rolling over to her side. Good job with the fortress!