Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Goldfish crackers: Local vs Imported

One of BabyD and Peanut's favorite snacks are goldfish crackers. I bring these when we dine outside as they'll sit down quietly and munch them. 

On the left is the imported version (around RM11) and on the right is the local version (RM3 / packet). Both are shaped like little fishes. The kids love both but I prefer the local version because it's more savory in taste while the left one taste like artificial cheese. And check out the difference in prices for around the same amount! haha I put them both in the fridge so they will stay fresher longer. 

This is how it looks like. Cute eh?? You can get the local ones in those mom and pop kind of grocery shops (kedai runcit). I got mine from the chinese medicine shop, of all places haha, while I was buying milk powder. 

Other kind of snacks that I will give the kids when we're out are raisins (another favorite!), koko crunch, and honey stars cereal. Hm..what else can I give them?? 

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