Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kelam kabut I have officially begun my freelancing work at the beginning of April. Initially I had 2 freelance jobs, one is what i've been doing for the past few years and another one which is something totally different. In the mid of March, I suddenly had cold feet. WHAT IF I CANNOT COPE WITH TWO??? and on top of that I still need to do housework (no maid), fetch kids here and there (become driver) cook dinner alternate days etc and learn how to do a new job altogether on top of doing another one. Wah seh..i think i might have taken too much onto my plate. Hence the very cold feet. So after a discussion with a good friend, I decided to let one go.

And i think that was a good decision because a few days into the job, I still feel a bit kelam kabut. As in, I donno what to do first!!! Like "should I do the laundry before I start on my job,   or should I feed the kids first and I do a bit of work first before even contemplating what to cook for dinner?  And do I have time to watch tv?? Where to start, and do what first? " These are the thoughts that are running through my mind.

I'm getting a bit panicky. And on top of that, Peanut will be constantly hovering around me whining"Mammeeeeeeeeee, it's so boring without you. When can you finish work??" T T I so need to calm the f*** down and take a deep breathe and start to prioritize. Usual la, I always feel a bit blur and feel like I'm walking in a haze when there's a new routine or something has changed. Ohmmm.....

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