Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Starting from Term 2 onwards, Peanut has been given homework to do at home. Nothing taxing, just some worksheets where they can trace, write and color alphabets and numbers.

It's good that she's given some homework though. It keeps her occupied during the day, giving her some form of structure and not just watch cartoons and play all day long. Most importantly, it gives her a chance to prepare her (and me!!)  mentally and emotionally when she gets into standard 1 where there'll be lots of homeworks!:P

It's not easy to get her to sit still and to complete a worksheet. She'll be wriggling here and there, and lots of "I need to drink water! I want to talk to dadddy! I'm hungry!!!" types of excuses. Oh my. Lord, help me when she begins real school and start doing homework for real!! 

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