Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Feeling so sick!!

Oh gosh..I've been feeling so sick for the past 3 weeks with only a brief respite in the middle of it that I thought I will never ever get better.It started with a very severe sore throat which took two days to heal. Then it went on to a hacking cough with lots of green phlegm. Went to the doctor, he said my lungs are clear and that what i got was a throat infection. Took some meds, and felt better after. A week later, the cough came back, more severe this time, and this round it comes with a very runny nose. I can't remember the last time I had a runny nose, i think it was a few years ago.

And over the past one week, I have been feeling quite terrible. I lost my mojo to do anything. I had no mood to cook, read, work, even shopping!!, basically anything that requires effort. I didn't even feel like talking to my mom over the phone (and I used to do this happily everyday!) My thoughts were all very hazy and  I didn't feel like talking to anybody and I lost my appetite to eat. All I wanted to do was lie down and sleep the day away. I realised something was quite not right when I went to a seafood dinner with lots of crabs and I had not much appetite! How can! Crabs are my favorite.

And I progressively got worse. Friday started off with a headache on one side. And I started feeling off, and had the chills and I felt  my feet were very cold. Checked my temperature and realised that I got the fever. Not that high..it always hovered around 38c. And over the next few days, my fever just went up and down. It came down when I took a panadol, and it went up again after the meds wear off. And my headache stayed for a few days and it hurts even more when I cough wth. My head throbbed painfully when I cough and how is that even related??  What worries me is this. I never ever had fever or headache that lasted for a few days! Being the hypochondriac that I am, I started to worry whether I am having pneumonia, or maybe some mutant bird flu!, or meningitis (cos got headache) or dengue, or maybe something even worse which I don't even wanna mention here. :X Scared the shit outtta me.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and decided to go see the doc again yesterday. Can't just rely on panadols anymore. Got some antibiotics cos whatever I'm having seems to be a viral infection and kena persuaded by DH to go for a half body massage at Thai Odyssey (think he also can't believe that my headache can stay for so long) The massage concentrated on my head, neck and shoulder and i was hoping they can massage my headache away. The massage was so good; I can feel them massaging the knotted nerves /  muscles on my neck. I still had the headache when I left the place..but by some miracle, 3 hours later, the headache was gone!!! After 4 freaking days, it finally went away!!!!! wah...so impressed. And I didn't even had to sleep it off. It just went off suddenly. Was the massage so keng kah, or was it that 1 pill of antibiotics  that I took after visting the doc that has proven to be so effective? Nevertheless, whatever it was,  I was so so happy that it was finally gone..

Today I finally felt I'm at my 90%. I no longer have headaches and fever. I still have my coughs and a bit of runny nose, but I finally have my mojo back. I feel like doing everything again! My appetite is back, and my energy is up! And for that I'm thankful. And I have now resolved to take care of myself better. Cos when I was feeling so shitty, I realised health is really wealth. Appreciate it. 

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