Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mummy-in-training tips: Thirst quenching tea 24/7

Isn't the weather crazy hot these past few weeks?? it's so hot that a few minutes in the sun, I could feel the sun rays searing into my skin. Ugh.. To cool myself down, I have been making pitchers and pitchers of iced tea so I have access to cold drinks at all times.

I don't really fancy sweet drinks, so this is a good alternative. Healthy and cooling!
On the left is oolong tea and on the right is green tea. 

My current obssession is Oolong Tea and I love this brand i.e.TenRen (Rm9.90 for a pack of loose tea leaves). I usually put the leaves into teabags I got from Daiso (one bag is usually enough for a jug) and let it steep in hot water for at least an hour before I chuck it into the fridge. I usually leave the tea bag inside the jug.

Oolong tea has lots of benefits and one of THE most important ones is that it aids weight loss. Do i need anymore reasons? I'm sold!!!

Some of oolong tea health benefits are as follows:
  •  help reduce cholesterol build-up in the bloodstream.
  •  help burn fat and thus, may contribute to slimming.
  •  help prevent heart ailments.
  •  can be used for treatment of digestive disorders.
  • can promote longevity by stimulating bodily functions and strengthening the immune system.
I love the taste of Oolong tea and I can drink cups and cups of it in a day. :)

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