Monday, March 25, 2013

Daily routine

Gosh it's almost the end of March, which means I've been on this SAHM stint for almost a month. Now that I've sort of gotten used to this routine, come April, there will be a whole new routine when I begin my freelancing.

The first two weeks of March went by in a blur. By blur, I meant me. I was in a sort of haze that when friends / family ask me how am i coping, my only answer was "everything feels like a blur". I only got used to things around the third week and now i have a "routine" down pat. Everyone needs a routine right? So this is what happens on a daily basis (on a weekday):

7:15am: wake up and get Peanut ready for Kindy!!

8am:  On days when DH don't need to go into the office that early, he'll be the one to send Peanut to kindy which is good. Because if i'm the one who has to send Peanut to kindy, it means i'll have to wake BabyD and bring him along, and having to bring him means I need to make his milk, strap him into his car seat, drop her off kindy, then go home and unstrap him which is exhausting in itself. On my lucky day, he'll be happily sucking his milk. On bad days he'll be screaming all the way to kindy and back.

8:30am to 12:15pm: Prepares lunch for the kids. Something easy. Usually different kinds of soups or fried rice. Also, use this time to just chill, catch up on news, read a book, 
clean the house, laundry etc. Sometimes i brave myself and go to get groceries with BabyD at either Tesco or Giant. Thank God it's almost always empty. Yay for me!!

1215: Strap DH into his car seat again and off we go to pick up Peanut.

12:40pm: Get the kids to eat their lunch. Zzzz..I don't usually eat lunch because (a) am too lazy to cook for myself, (b) no fun eating alone (c) I'm on a diet forever

Here, I would like to take this opportunity to give my utmost gratitude and thanks to my sidekick, my electronic BABYSITTER!!! Mwuahhh!! Without you, I will dieeeeeeeeeee!!!! (dramatic). Say hello to my baby swing cradle aka as my babysitter. 

Electronic cradle with timer function to help me to rock the cradle

1pm: So at 1pm on the dot, I will put BabyD in the cradle, and he'll be darn excited and happy. He loves it. All I need to give him is his bolster and  bottle and within 5 mins, he'll be in dreamland. He can sleep for at least 3 hours in this thing and during this 3 hours, I can do my own shit. Bliss. Peanut usually watch cartoons, does some art, play with her toys, or naps in this period of time.

4pm: Everyone is usually up. We either lepak at a shopping mall nearby my home if i need to get something (that's the furthest I will venture with the two of them), or just hang around at home and try to do something "useful while I prep dinner,  or for every Tues and Thurs, we will go to their Popo's house. She will usually cook a lot on these two days as well, so I will usually tapao dinner home. No need for me to cook! :)

630pm to 730pm: Shower the kids and get them to eat their dinner.

730pm onwards: Lepak while waiting for DH to come home from work.

So that's it!!

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