Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mummy-in-training tips: Rattan basket to carry your stuff!

I've been searching  high and low for a rattan basket in KL, but it's damn hard to find one. I finally managed to find a makeshift stall selling rattan stuff at the road side in KL and they quoted me around RM110 for a rattan basket T T. Wtf. Siao. Why so expensive??

I remember using one back when I was a kid for my tuition classes, and it was for my own nolstagic memories that I wanted one again. in fact it was one of the standard pre-requisite bag for one of the schools in kch.   Brought back a lot of memories for me.  And i had visions of Peanut bringing it to her kindy and what not. Vision only la, it's not that practical for her to bring to Kindy in reality. For one, it's bigger than her body lol.

So when I went back to Kuching and I saw a shop (selling stationeries) selling this rattan basket for only RM36, I didn't even have to think twice.

 I have been using it everyday to bring my stuff up and down the  house. cos i am lazy. So convenient.  Each night before we go up to our bedroom, there's A LOT of things for me to carry and that includes BabyD, milk bottles, cannot-leave-their-eyesight bolsters, my tablet, keys, mobile phone, water bottle, books etc and if I don't use the basket, I have to make many trips up and down. With the basket, I can just throw everything in. And same goes in the morning when i need to bring everything down again.

It's also useful when we go out with the kids. Just need to put it in the car and I can see everything at a glance. No need to rummage through my bags and find their bottles, snacks, etc.

My mum, who saw the basket, jumped onto the rattan bandwagon as well and decided one basket is just not enough for me.  Once I was back in KL, she kept asking me whether I need anymore baskets i.e.  " do you need a bigger size, or maybe a smaller size, one for Peanut, one for BabyD? come on, you can put them in your cars etc". She can't take no for an answer and that's how I ended up with two more O_O (she got them from a shop selling baby stuff so i guess i'm on the right track? haha).  I don't know who's a bigger shopaholic. Me or her. She even got someone to sew inserts for the baskets. bless her!!!

Baskets of varying sizes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hi! I should get one too! hahahah -Min Sin

The Peanut Momster said...

Min: yalor haha convenient! ;)