Friday, February 3, 2012

Sarawak kolo mee - 'imported' style

Everytime my parents come over to KL, they will ask me whether i want some kolo mee. Of course, a kind offer which I will never decline haha. After all, DH and Peanut also love it a lot and you can't really get authentic ones in KL. Once i've "placed" my orders, my mum will go to my favorite kolo mee stall in Kuching and tapau at least 6 to 8 packets. She will usually inform the seller that this will be brought over to KL so the kolo mee seller will know not to put the cut red chillis together with the noodles.

 Kolo mee is one of the easiest food to bring over. Can't say the same for sarawak laksa. oh how i yearn to eat laksa with the hot gravy...mmmm....

After they've bought the kolo mee, my dad, who can pack anything, will re-pack the kolo mee in aluminum foil and then wrap it with a clear plastic. This will then be put in the freezer at least a day before departure, so when they bring it over, it'll still be semi frozen lol.

                                                          Double-bagged kolo mee

                                                     Kolo mee in its original packaging

If i want to eat it, I will just take a packet from the freezer, take the kolo mee out from the plastic packaging and put it in a bowl and will steam it over high heat of boiling water for around 15 minutes. Then voila!!!!!! Of course not as good as eating it piping hot at the stall but this is a very good alternative. oh, and I will only eat kolo mee if it's orange in color. The color comes from the char siu when you order it in kuching, you need to tell them in hokkien to "pang ang" (literally means put red haha). It will taste slightly sweeter to me, and the color makes it more appetitising.

Yum yum.. le sigh.


Leona said...

come to kajang la to get the piping hot authentic kolomee

The Peanut Momster said...

Leona: a bit far for me leh..there's one shop near my house. Opened by a dude from Sibu..quite authentic noodles wise but no char siu oil only.. lol