Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Part 2

This post is a bit delayed...but as they said, better late than never!

Peanut's second part her birthday was celebrated at my in-laws' place. They got a second cake, whipped up some dishes, and yours truly, managed to cook mee suah. My family eats mee suah for every occassion - birthdays, farewells, welcome backs, relatives coming over, someone's getting married, whatever the ocassion-lah, the mee suah is definitely there courtesy of my mum.

So to replicate this tradition onwards in my own family, I've decided to cook the mee suah for my Peanut. Not easy considering I felt pressured as i'm cooking food for the first time which will be eaten by others other than BigB.

Some pictures.

The mee suah. Pretty good I must say *ahem*. Almost like mum's!

What's a birthday celebration without red eggs?

Playing with the eggs.

Other food.

One of Peanut's birthday gifts. It's a doll that can pee. And it has a diaper too *_* Toys are so advanced nowadays. The other day I was at Toys'r'us, they even have baby bathtubs for dolls.

Peanut attempting to comb its hair.

A gift from Peichyi, Josie & Taurus!! Thanks guys. It's really a great gift for Peanut and she loves it!

Posing. Miss Pony 2010.

A big Minnie Mouse, almost the same size as Peanut. She's Minnie Mouse's biggest fansee, just like her fwen, Taurus

An electronic singing nursery rhymes book. Very useful cos it saves me from singing.

A pandan flavored cake.

So fierce one. Like going to war.

Got some angpows too.
And had a taste of cake.

And that's the end of part 2. And I wondered why I took so long to post it. I blame it on laziness and twitter.


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Who is tAuRus?? said...

Yep, she and me can share minnie anytime!

Ooo the pony scho kiut!! I also likey!!! heheh

Pei Chyi said...

hey the pony looks better in real life than in peektures!

blogjunkie said...

I would like to see Mei Li ride the pony....

The Peanut Momster said...

Taurus & Peichyi: yalor it's very nice hehe

blogjunkie: i think she would if there's a adult version hehe