Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Fella

Our new helper is coming at the end of this month from Cambodia and I'm having very mixed feelings about it.

Her role is to help my MIL with the house chores, and not with the baby as my MIL will be the sole caretaker of Peanut during the day.

As with all new changes in my life, i can't help but worry about things everytime a change comes along and this one is no different. My newest fear: That the new helper will be a psycho, and that she'll help herself with Peanut's porridge during the day(her porridge is kept in a slow cooker throughout the day) when no one's looking, or even spike Peanut's porridge if she somehow or rather is not happy with us *_*

Am I crazy boh? But my fears are quite real, cos i've heard of maids putting detergent into baby's milk and we can't possibly monitor the helper in the kitchen 24/7 rite.

So yes *fingers crossed* and hope that she's a saint.

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