Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Last Saturday, i went out with BigB to do a bit of shopping. It's nice to be out and do normal stuff. Cos frankly being cooped up at home everyday is giving me the blues!! I wonder how those housewives do it everyday, really respect man!

In case you're wondering, i'm still up most nights, and getting my shut eye in the morning instead. I'm kinda used to it already so no problemo.

This is how she sleeps every night. It's disco night every nite "Put your hands up in the air!!"

Hi Mei Li Jie Jie!!!!! I miss you!!

Peanut going green. Save the earth peeps! and eat your vegies!

Anyway, I bought this the other day:

Smaller than my eclipse mints.

This tiny little thingy(Make Up Forever Eye Seal) cost me RM90 wtf. I bought this because i read an online review on it. Some gal blogged about it la. Seriously i dunno why i'm so easily persuaded. If someone say it's good on their blog, there's a 90% chance that i'll go out the next day and buy it. Provided i can afford it la.

Anyway, this Eye Seal is supposed to make your eye make up last and last and last..and the good thing is that now i can use a pencil eyeliner or eyeshadow as my eyeliner! previously, if i used any of the above without the eye seal, i'll be all panda eyed in the next 2 hours. Why my eyelids secretes so much oil man. For the pencil eyeliner, you just need to dab dab a bit on your eyes after you've drawn your eyes. As for the eyeshadows, you just need to mix it up with the liquid first and then draw as usual on your eyes.

Anyway, i tried it out today and it works! Rm90 or not, it's a good buy cos I hate getting my eye make up smudged . And at least all my eye shadows won't go to waste. Can turn all into eyeliners! *beams in happiness*.

And the Sales Assistants there are super nice and not pushy at all lor! I I ended up buying foundation from there as well even though I initially wanted to get it at Clinique. And they also trimmed my eyebrows for free. Gosh, this is turning into such a bimbo post isn't it?? Bye!!


Pei Chyi said...

why Eva call Mei Li jie jie but PC gets called Aunty? sobs....

tAuRuS said...

Hewwo babbbyyyyyy!!! Me miss ya too!!!

Wah, so small bottle leh. Can last how long? I think Pheng needs it-lah. She was just complaining to me that day that she got fat cheeks that's y her eyeliner always smudged wtf.

Peanut said...

PC: cos you're officially married not as if taurus not officially married also la hahah but you went thru the chinese wedding de.

So anyone's who been through the chinese wedding, or have kids will be called an auntie from now on! *my logic* hhahah

Taurus: I think the bottle can last really a long time la cos all you need is one drop. It works like an eye drop.

Pei Chyi said...

aiseh....okla ur explanation accepted.
u wait taurus...u wait....after november u officially auntie level liao. okthxbai

Josie said...

What about Josie Leng Lui *cough cough cough? I volunteer to take lil diva out partying in future - under adult supervision what.

Eva The Peanut said...

er you'll be jie jie wat. unless u married an ambassador then i'll promote u to auntie lor *ahem*