Sunday, April 26, 2009

A trial

Pondering on the way to Curve

Yesterday we went for a "trial outing" to Curve with Peanut, and by the end of the 1 hour plus we were there, I was all tired out and ready to go home aijor! I don't think we are taking Peanut out again anytime soon until she reached at least 6 months or so. Or when she stopped asking for milk every 3 hours.

Going out means I have to take out a huge bag. And when i say a huge bag, it looks like i'm going for a 2 nights stay in Penang kind. And it's dem heavy lor!! Heavier than Peanut definitely. Being a paranoid and worrying person that I am, unfortunately, I tend to bring more stuff that I need. I always have this "what if i need it" mentality.

How to reduce what I need ah, when i think everything is important? Below is a list of what i've packed for a few hours out. ANd how do you estimate how much to bring when you don't know how long you gonna be out btw?!?

  • 1 big milk bottle and 1 small milk bottle
  • 3 to 4 diapers
  • 2 small containers of milk powder
  • Thermos for hot water
  • 1 small bottle of mineral water to make milk
  • Handkerchief and bib
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue
  • Changing mat
  • Extra mittens & booties and clothes just in case
  • A toy
  • My wallet & mobile ( I can't be bringing a separate bag also right?)
Em..ok the above probably doesn't look like it's a lot but it's the thermos & the mineral water that's making my bag super heavy lor. And the thermos is a mini size some more.

So being the first time out with Peanut, me and BigB were quite nervous. We fumbled with the stroller, and have to juggle carrying a crying Peanut, the stupid heavy bag, and the stroller. And if you have shopping bags to carry too?

And oh..while we were there, Peanut had to be fed too, so when we went to look for a Baby room, it was packed man, and even though the room was clean, it doesn't smell so fresh lor and there were so many prams inside haiyoooo. We ended up feeding Peanut on one of the sofas outside the shops. And it was hot too. So yes, I felt very flustered and again I was paranoid with the germs in a public place and was trying to avoid walking near people just in case they cough or sneeze near Peanut.

We chose to bring Peanut to Curve on our first "trial outing" because we knew there won't be much crowd, the place is reasonably clean and there's a baby room. But yeah still I was so glad when we left Curve.

All maxed out on the way home, and after a change of clothes

So this is the first and last trial run at a shopping mall. Can you imagine if we're at MidValley or KLCC with the big big crowd?? *shivers in fear* We'll wait till you're older okie Peanut??! *mwuaccks*

Huh, what do you mean no more shopping??!


Leona Lim said...

hehe girls love to shop. but yea, it's not ez to go out with baby huh. actually since ur breastfeeding y not just dun bring the milk and thermos and breastfeed whenever necessary? it's much lighter then...btw she's so cute when asleep in the carseat

Josie said...

Ooo, I just want to squeeze her!!! Anyway, it's so tiring from the sound of it. If that's the case, if PIL is not available in future, I still am if you and bigboss go dating :)

Eva The Peanut said...

Leona: thanks! :) I now formula feed more than breastfeed, so yea, the thermos is necessary *sobs*

Josie: It's more scary than tiring, aiyo dun dare to go out anymore for the time being. And you say wan ah!!!! Don't chicken out if one day i really dump Peanut on you haha

Pei Chyi said...

WEI!!! the purple dress can fit ah?? yayyyyyyy

btw if josie wanna babysit i can "help" her on the side but i won't do the diaper change ok. thanks.

tAuRuS said...

she's sooooo cuteeeeeeeee I want to hug herrrrrrrrrrr pls bring her for another trial meeting to my house!!!!! heehehhe

Eva The Peanut said...

PC: still a bit big la but i still let her wear la haha

Taurus: It'll definitely be less stressful at your house!