Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Tilam is leaving tomorrow!!!!!!!

*runs around like a headless chicken*

I'm scared.

Tilam might not be a lot of things.

For example, her meals are okay only. Very mediocre. I don't look forward to each meal time because the chicken is always too tough, and it's always kailan, kailan, kailan, and the cooking style is the same.

She asked a lot of questions too....

She is always sasking me what's this, what's that.

And the other day i went up to my room after lunch. So she asked me you went up to the room for what? I say to go do something la. She asked me again, to do what? Aijor.

And she likes to ask me whether i have enough milk while i'm breastfeeding. Like how I know wor...not as if my boobs have a measuring cup.

She is also repetitive.

I think i have lost count on the number of times she repeated her stories to me. Always the same stories, different day nia.

But she sure knows how to take care of Peanut, and that's the most important!! I just hope I can do half as well starting tomorrow!!

"Watcha looking at?"
Peanut on Tilam. Her clothing mis-matched as usual.

Bye Tilam!!!!!!!!! We're gonna miss you!! *sniff*


tAuRuS said...

aiya i'm sure u'll be fine-lah! ehheheh but scary hor. I think i will freak out also.

Leona Lim said...

haha my CL used to only wear matching clothes for my baby..anyways, all the best!

Pei Chyi said...

GRACE! dun worry k? ur got your MIL, and u know u can always scream BIG B and he'll speed home on the NKVE.
actually...i say onli. i'll also be scared lor.

Peanut said...

Taurus, Leona & PC: i'm a bit calm down now, hehe but the real test is tonite!!!!! DUnno why i miss Tilam boh. hahahha

kiLikiNa said...

i'm sure you'll be fine. it's gonna be a learning curve for you but you'll be a great mom to eva.:)

PINKPheng said...

Hahaha... you're spoilt de.. by your Tilam..
she got give you emergency number for you to call her or not?? like 24/7 hot line service that kind??

anyway... all the best... you CAN DO IT!!!

Josie said...

How you coping now with Tilam gone? Happy Easter Grace!

Peanut said...

Christine: hehe thanks!!

Pheng: she got give us her number and say we can call her anytime. BUt so far haven't call her yet la, though she did call us two nites ago hehe

josie: read my next post man. sobs.