Friday, April 17, 2009

How to delete your facebook account

Since Taurus deleted her facebook about almost a year ago, I've always wanted to do the same, but my main concern at that time was hmm...let me see, I can't remember!! goodness. Perhaps Taurus can remind me.

BUt today, since i'm quite free, i've decided to find a way to permanently delete myself off facebook. Dunno it works or not la but it's worth a try.

Now why am i deleting myself off facebook?? Many reasons lor!:

a) because i think it's a serious waste of time. And it's not much use to me. I don't use it to organise parties, or to "network" and nor am i a member of any "ex-employee groups"
b) It's got to a point where I dunno how use facebook anymore since evertime i log on, it seems to look different, and I have no idea what some functions are, where the applications are and so on. For one thing, I'm not very tech savvy, and I can't be bothered to read up on each applications to see it means. I think I already have enough serious reading to do in the office lor!
c) I don't check my facebook everyday. I only log on when i have a message in my inbox or i'm asked to look at pictures. And the pictures always take time to load anyway. *yawn* And i find it a chore to reply to messages & comments or to "poke" you back.
d) i don't check out what other people are doing in their lives anyway. So who cares whether you're "deciding whether to go eat Yong Tau Foo tonight or not" or that "you're feeling moody". I mean, seriously, who cares???

Btw (must put disclaimer here), the above only refers to how I feel about facebook okay! So don't take it to heart if you're facebook's biggest fan on earth.

Anyway, if you go to the settings part in your facebook, you can deactivate your account. But deactivating your account doesn't mean you're off facebook permanetly. it means friends can still tag you in pictures, and sends you messages and stuff (please refer to (c)), and I dun want that lor! So ma fan! And i'll feel obliged to reply you. Also, you can easily reactivate it by logging in with your previous email and password. What's the point right?

So i did a bit of invesigating and came upon this link:

and ta dahhhhh.....bye bye facebook!

well, not yet for another 14 days. Facebook will first deactivate you for 14 days. If within the 14 days you did not reactivate your account, they will permanently delete you. So let's see whether this works or not!! keke


tAuRuS said...

Erm I think u didn't want to delete at first 'cos u still wanted to see how those ppl u dun meet up with are coping with their lives.

And erm seriously... 'serious' reading at work? *koff* Yeah. We have damn a lot of reading to do lor *double koff*

Peanut said...

Taurus: i think so, and i think i was also afraid if i deleted myself, they will think i've blocked them or something.

and serious reading ah? pipelines, working capital, SME..hahaha *triple cough*

BigBoss said...

Yeah i feel so cheated..

Pei Chyi said...

Big B, take it as a platform to promote Peanut to the world, who knows u may find her someone to marry even before she turns 1.