Friday, April 6, 2012

The re-arranger

My maid has a habit of rearranging my stuff. She puts away my slow cooker when I didn't ask her to, or there's one time I was looking for my breast pump only to find it in the kitchen cabinets.

One day I came from home a shopping trip with the family, to find that she has rearranged all of Peanut's toys storage to another location and put a flower pot on my coffee table. When I opened the door to the house , I saw her standing there, her eyes  shining brightly, showing me all her efforts, a hopeful smile on her face. She was proud of it! And so, I shaddap.  I thanked her instead. How to comment when I know her intentions are all good, and she did all that just so that  I will be pleased??  

Only when she left for my in-laws's place, did I put everything back again haha

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