Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bisou, why you don't have special cupcake holder??

Bought this lovely cupcake the other day from Bisou for Peanut. I scolded her the night before because she just refused to sleep..and I felt so bad after that. Like guilty bad kinda feeling..

Was at Bangsar Village after work,  saw Bisou and decided to grab her one. Lots of colorful heart shaped sprinkles too.. I like! As I was still shopping midway, i have to carry it in a plastic bag. Not a very good idea, when it's not placed in a special holder. Even though i was carrying it really carefully, it still managed to touch the sides of the box. Arghh...hate that. Hate that it's no longer perfect.

Peanut was still excited to see it though.
My poor cupcake

Placed it on her tray for her to eat in front of tv.

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