Friday, April 13, 2012

Peanut's 3rd Birthday

Peanut is now 3 years old! 3 years old omg..i think most mothers will say this. Where did time go????

To celebrate,  I organised a small dinner with my in laws at our place.And this took place a month plus ago.

Super happy with some of her gifts

Can you guess what cake is this?? If you managed to guess Special Agent Oso then congrats wtf. We thought he looked more like a mouse than a bear, but since Peanut can guess instantly when we opened the cake box, then the baker must be doing something right hoho.

Btw, the chocolate cake is really yummy and moist, and only cost me RM80 for 1kg. Bought in Klang yo. Prices so different than those in KL. 

Enjoying her cake. Finding the right people to do her Special Agent Oso cake was very worth it for she was talking about it endlessly days after.
Super happy

I did all the cooking for the day. Half way cooking gotta bring BabyD to the clinic because he still had a cough, and we can hear that his throat was quite phlegmy because everytime he breathes, I can hear a gurgling sound. So we brought him to his regular paed. And my gosh..the queue was so long!!!  So, by the time I got home and resumed my cooking, it was almost 3pm wtf.

Ah..I hate rushing when I cook.. i get all hot and sweaty and i can feel so stressed and a fever coming up. Drama betul rite? Yah, i actually felt quite sick by the end of it, that I downed a panadol. That night we took lots of pictures, with her gong gong and popo. We really cherished these photos as these pictures were the final ones that she took with her gong gong..


Cynthia said...

Happy Belated to Eva!! Sometimes after all the sweat, we get the best smiles in the photos, we tend to forget about all the 'hard' work and look forward for the next year to come ya.. :p

The Peanut Momster said...

thank you Cyn! :)