Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Gee, after being MIA for so long I really don't know where to start. DH will occasionally ask me when i will start blogging again, but i'm just too lazy to get my ass moving. Each day at work, i'll tell myself I'll write something at the end of the day, but truthfully, i'm just so brain dead on some days that I just can't bring myself to log on.

Peanut is now, let me see, around 27 months, or to non-parents, that's 2 years and 3 months old. And she's finally potty trained haha. We decided to potty trained her the moment she reached 2 years old, perhaps very late by some people's standards but to us, it's just the right age to start. The credit has to go to my MIL really, for she managed to trained Peanut in less than 2 weeks. What she did was to just let Peanut go diaperless during the day and let her wet herself. The first few times, she was reluctant to use the potty but after wetting herself a couple of times, and finding that she hates it, she started using the potty and it went on from there. My MIL was so successful in her training, that Peanut refused to wear a diaper at night and when we go out!!

I'm definitely not ready for her to use the public toilets when we go out because I'm pregnant (and that's another news :)). And you might wonder how being pregnant has got to do with bringing Peanut to the toilets, but let me tell you, i have my reasons. For one, i'm getting heavier by the day, and there's no way i'm gonna carry Peanut onto the toilet seat each time. I don't plan to let her pee on the toilet floor because the thought of the pee seeping onto her shoes is icky..
Also now that i'm tired more frequently, and need maximum hours of sleep when I'm already getting so little, I'm not going to get up every few hours at night to make sure Peanut does not pee in her bed. So yes, i'll leave that till I give birth. So we had to psycho Peanut and tell her that she needs to wear a diaper when she goes out and when she sleeps at night, and after a few drama episodes on that, she finally relented.

As for myself, i'm now 24 weeks pregnant, and it's not been easy. Well, definitely not easier compared to the first time, as i feel more sickly this time round. First trimester was difficult because I felt quite nauseous all the time and could hardly keep any food down. I can't swallow plain water either so it's been horrible because i need to drink water but I can't. So i usually drink ribena or honeyed-water but sometimes i still gagged from it. And instead of getting morning sickness, i get night sickness. I will puke my dinner out if i ate too full so my appetite wasn't really that good in the first three months. And yes, i've got constipation in the first trimester..what lah. People get severe constipation in the 3rd trimester, I GOT it instead in the first few weeks.

there's one episode which will forever be etched in my mind. You can skip this part because it's gonna be quite gross. That time, i had not been able to pass motion for 3 days. In the 4th day, I knew I had to go and i had the urge for it anyway. So i sat on the toilet for 15 minutes. Nothing came out though i felt "something" is on the way. So i got up walked around and returned to the toilet and sat down for another half hour. Still nothing came out even though i still felt something was stuck there. This went on for the next 3 hours. Nothing came out! By that time, i was feeling really stressed and uncomfortable because i knew the motion is on the way out, but it just couldn't come out. Can't describe the feeling but it's darn uncomfortable. I can't even sit down normally because i felt something down there, but when i go and sit on the toilet, nothing's happening. By 3am, i was really desperate and I woke up DH. And he asked me to try again..after another hour passed by i finally gave up and told DH to bring me to the emergency ward as i felt i need an enema. So we had to bring Peanut, my poor little darling, who was still in a deep sleep and drove to SDMC.

Grateful for the staff there, who gave me an enema. Worse part is, they gave me the enema, and I went to the toilet straightaway, and only water came out wtf. The shit is still stuck! I was on the verge of tears by then because i was so desperate for it to come out then i felt like digging the shit out. Damn gross i know but at that time, i was willing to do anything to end my misery.. Doctor suggested i get another enema, and this time he asked me to wait longer before going to the toilet. I agreed...and waited slightly longer. And this time i was successful! Phew omggggg i was so relieved. Instantly, i felt such a wave of relief that I could kiss the ground. I could see DH was relieved as well, as that means we could finally go home. By that time, Peanut was awake and nurses was giving her stickers to keep her busy.

We drove to to my in-laws after the hospital visit so that we could leave Peanut there and we could go home and take a rest, since none of us had enough sleep. You know, the moment we reached my in laws and I stood up from the car, I had to rush to the toilet again. Sigh..oh well, beggars can't be choosers. I rather have everything come out than it being plugged inside me. We still had time to go for a canai breakfast after that before going home for a deep sleep lol...Drama or what!! And since that episode, i have learned my lesson and have totally changed my diet. For the first few weeks after that i had loads of fruits and vegies everyday, supplemented by prune juice and lemon juice twice a day. I guess it works because up till today, i no longer have any constipation problem. *touch wood* I had severe constipation in first pregnancy which warranted an enema and a hospital visit too, and it happened again this time round. Scary shit. I'm officially traumatised.

More updates next time!


PINKPheng said...

Congrats on you pregnancy and hope everything will be smooth sailing from now onwards.. (:

The Peanut Momster said...

Thanks Pheng!! :) :)

Cynthia said...

congrats on 2nd pregnancy!! BTW, I had experience constipation too when I am preggy with Princess, and the doctor recommended to take the Bio-Life Vit C 2 tabled a day.. you may check with your doc on this too.. hope it helps.. take care!

The Peanut Momster said...

Cynthia: Thanks! :) ooo i'll definitely check with the gynae especially if it helps wif constipation hehe

Lexmum said...

baby boy or girl?
soon there will be 2 little peanuts to drive you nuts..hehe :)

The Peanut Momster said...

lexmum: Thanks!! :) it's a boy.