Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lost...and found!

So...something really really stupid happened to me on the eve of Mother's Day. I remembered it was the eve because DH and Peanut were supposed to celebrate the occasion that evening with me, but it was somehow dampened by this incident.

On that fateful day...we went to One Utama and I hung my handbag on the stroller. My handbag do not have a zip, so basically everything is exposed..so as we were walking to the shops, i remembered DH clearly putting my wallet deep into my bag so it can't be seen clearly. Stopped at Topshop and Dorothy Perkins and I made the unfortunate decision to go in. I asked DH to wait outside the shops with Peanut as it was too crowded to maneuver the stroller inside..then i carried my handbag over the shoulder and walked into the shops. I was probably inside for less than 10 minutes. I then went and sit beside DH on the bench outside the store and that's when I discovered that my wallet was stolen wtf!!

And in my opinion, it's a really stupid thing to happen because I did not realised i was pick pocketed at all!!! I felt so dumb. I always wonder how those people can get pick pocketed so easily without realizing it and now I'm a victim of it. Geez..It was pretty crowded in the shops and there were a few people pushing me, so i supposed that's when it happened?

Immediately i started calling all my credit cards' banks and cancel my ATM and credit cards. HSBC was efficient, can't say the same for another local bank pfft..i had to repeat myself a couple of times, and when your wallet is stolen and you're in a state of "emergency", repeating yourself countless of times is the last thing you wanna do. We also went to One U's info counter to lodge a report, just in case someone dump my wallet somewhere and they can track it back to me. I knew it will be pretty hard to locate me if someone found my wallet because i do not have any contact details in my wallet at all. Lesson learned here: Please keep your business card in your wallet at all times! Even my IC is outdated. It still has my Kch home address wtf.

I also asked to see the cctv from the shops though in hindsight I have no idea why I did that because even I know who stole it, not as if i can find the person.. I guess I probably want some sort of action taken. A guard came and escorted me to both the shops. However, i wasn't allowed to view the cctv as I need a police report for that...

After that we decided to leave One U, cos no mood already, how to shop?! Credit cards also don't have. Went to TTDI police station, cos that's the nearest police station available. In and out in less than 10 minutes, cos it was so empty. Reporting to the police was pretty painless and i just had to state what was lost inside the wallet. oh ya, I lost around RM200, and various cards. My heart was more in pain for losing all the documents and wallet, not the money. That evening, DH still brought me out for a Mother's Day dinner, but alas..everything taste like cardboard. No mood at all for it!The next day we made a trip down to JPN in Shah Alam to do a new IC. How cool is that they open on Sundays..i do not need to take leave at all! Everything was done in an efficient manner, and i was pretty pleased with the service at JPN. No fine to pay at all too because i had my police report with me.

And i thought all is lost...

A week after the incident, we were in Singapore for a short holiday. Actually Peanut and me made a trip down to Singapore to visit DH who was there for work for a few days, so we thought we'll make a long weekend out of it. :) Great vacation by the way, and it was made even greater, when I received a phone call from CIMB through DH's phone. The lady on the phone told me that somebody found my wallet!! Wah I was in disbelief really. My prayers actually came true, thank you God. A shop assistant in Pull & Bear in One Utama had actually found my wallet in the changing room, and knowing there's no way that they could contact me (cos no contact details at all in my wallet) the next thing they did was to call CIMB because I had a CIMB atm card inside my wallet. And CIMB contacted me via DH's phone cos so happened i didn't switch on my phone in SG and DH was listed under my emergency contact. Well, everybody made an effort to get in touch with me and for that i'm extremely grateful to all parties. They could have given up halfway, right?

I called Pull & Bear after that and they confirmed they had my wallet, and the next day, i made a trip down to the shop hehe i was literally floating on air. I was so happy i bought them a dozen doughnuts to show my gratitude. Checked my wallet, and everything was intact, right down to my credit cards. The money was gone of course, and I wasn't surprised. I deduce the thief stole my wallet in either Topshop or Dorothy Perkins, walked to Pull & Bear's changing room, took the money out of my wallet and dumped my wallet there. It was another customer that actually handed my wallet to the cashier.. Got honest people out there after all. There's hope in mankind lor. :)

And that's how I lost my wallet and found it again!

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