Friday, November 13, 2009

Just my luck

Few days ago, i had the unfortunate luck to receive a traffic summon from the PDRM in an official looking mail.

i was very surprised to receive the summon; cos that "traffic violation" happened on a Tuesday morning, at 10am at PJ's Jalan Othman (PJ Old Town). Surprised cos:

a) I never did receive a ticket stuck on my windscreen like how it's supposed to happen. Instead, I received that mail 2 months after the supposed violation.

b) I had no idea where Jalan Othman was and since I'm not from KL, I am not very familiar with KL roads, despite having lived here for around 5 years now. And since I do not know how to get there myself, the only other person who will ever drive my car is BigB and he was in an office training the whole day that day. And he has his own car.

c) Since i have a lousy memory, and i can't remember whether i was on leave that day, I had to go check with my office on my attendance on that said day. Unfortunately, and coincidentally, the door access recording system is down on those dates. Haiz..

d) I then went to check my office emails 'sent items box', to see if I did send out any emails on that day in the office. i did. There were tons of emails sent out.

e) I also checked to see if my car is listed on the traffic summons website. It is, means the traffic summon I received is not fake.

f) Since I parked in my office's building, I then went to check with the management office, to see if they have any records of me and my car entering and exiting the building. They did. I was in the office that day and i was never out of the office at 10am that morning.

So means, I was in the office right? So how did I get a freaking summon when I'm at the office that day with my car?!!

So tulan. Luckily it's only RM30, but still!! I'm paying for something I didn't do. The only scenarios that I can think of is that either someone has the same car plate number as me (fraud la like this), or the traffic police was blurry eyed that morning, and wrote down the wrong car plate number, and that wrong car plate number happened to be mine . And since the traffic summon letter i received did not mentioned the make of the car, or the color, I don't know whether they have made a mistake..or..orr!!!!.....there's really something fishy going on out some syndicate going on ka?

So..should I dispute it or just pay that RM30 and get on with my life? I did get a print out from the management office, but how the hell am I gonna proof that I enter the building with my car with that registration plate number that was recorded in the summon? The print out does not mention my name or car number. it only registers my parking access card's number.

But I'm going to listen to Mrs Wang and at least try to dispute it. At least try la hoh. * ish ish*. Made me so tulan.

Just my luck.


little prince's mummy said...


Cynthia said...

you can write in to appeal.. I can tell you that it happen coz it happen to my brother too and we wrote it for that.

good luck, and bear with our 'efficient' policemen ya..

The Peanut Momster said...

Cynthia: so was it resolved eventually? did they believe your bro ka? didn't know it's a normal occurence. scary!

Sue said...

dispute! it happened to both my brother n my dad lei... and both of them were not at the area as stated in the summon ok...

well, we wrote a letter to them, n no feedback after tat, i'm assuming they cleared it off lor...

The Peanut Momster said...

Sue: i just went to the police station , cos they told me to check the original summon kept in their file, and compare and see whether it's my road tax number or not. worse thing is, they cannot find my file and ask me to call them back in 2 weeks time *_*. I doubt anyone will remember me lor..but not yet 2 weeks so we'll see how la then.