Monday, November 30, 2009

And the wedding season has begun!

Besides overseeing the house renovations together with BigB, we've been busy with weddings. I've been attending wedding dinners every weekend since mid-Nov and this will continue until mid Dec. This weekend alone, we gonna attend two weddings back to back. One in Singapore, one in KL. Wooo....!

I attended Taurus's wedding last Saturday at the Westin and it was really nice! Initially, i was quite scared to bring Peanut along to the dinner, cos I'm not really sure how she'll behave. But Taurus and Peichyi assured me it'll be fine and because we were gonna meet many of our friends who haven't seen Peanut yet and they were requesting to see her, we brought her in the end. Might i say it was quite disastrous?? lol.

The evening began quite well. She was all happy and chummy to those who carried her during cocktail hour. Until we entered the grand ballroom. not sure whether it was the flashing lights, or the speakers, or her tooth is growing hence the bad mood, but she was quite cranky throughout the rest of the night. She cried so loudly during Taurus's and Keattie's speech *damn pai seh* and you know how when someone is giving a speech, it will be silence all around there i was, trying to stop her from crying by giving her the pacifier but she spat it out each time and continued to bawl *uhuk uhuk* and the entrance was so far away, I couldn't bring her out of the ballroom without everyone looking at me. Thank God nobody shot me daggers with their eyes. Our table mates tried to make us feel better by saying they couldn't hear anything. Right. hahahahaha. Anyway, i was quite stressed so i didn't even take any pictures during the dinner. It was only towards the end of the evening, that she managed to fall asleep in her stroller and I could finally eat my desserts in peace. Love the ginger ice cream too :)

This weekend, BigB and me will be off to Singapore for Taurus & Keattie's Singapore wedding and we won't be bringing Peanut. This will be the first time we are going to spend the night without her, and I'm definitely gonna miss her tons. Not sure about her though haha. We're gonna drive to the airport, and leave the car there, cos when we arrived back in KL, we have to zoom to Covershots for another wedding dinner. Hm..I know they do wedding photography, but I didn't know they host dinners as well? it's probably going to be a buffet type of dinner though.

And no pictures again in this post, cos yours truly is stressed with everything that's going on with the house now. Nothing biggie, but i tend to get stressed with big events in my life = worrywart.

Happy Monday!


Pei Chyi said...

eh eh, maybe i was too occupied with their speech, i seriously honestly couldn't hear her cry lor!!
but u toughie mom u managed mah! don't be discouraged k?

The Peanut Momster said...

peichyi: yalor yalor hehehh but it was just unexpected. she's never that cranky when we go out. *wipes sweat*

Josie said...

She was fine.People hardly stared our way so it is pretty normal.I still volunteer babysitting!

The Peanut Momster said...

Josie: haha thanks for the kind offer. I am convinced that you'll definitely make a great babysitter! :)

Who is tAuRus?? said...

I couldn't hear her cry too! I think I was really focusing on getting off the stage! hahaha

The Peanut Momster said...

Taurus: phew ok ok at least you guys weren't distracted by her cries. kekek