Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Balik Kampung Part 2

Back in Kuching, life is really much slower and at a slower pace. Everyone seems to be walking slower, cars move at a leisurely pace, everyone eats dinner earlier. Like 5pm to 6pm. I think losing weight in Kuching is easier compared to KL cos I don't have to eat that late. Back in KL, I sometimes eat dinner at 10pm and goes to sleep less than an hour after that. Sei mou? My mum and friend said i'm "meatier" T_T . Yeah, both used that exact same word and in hokkien i.e. "kak oo bak". Haiz..

Us at KLIA

Feeding time while Peichyi took our pic

This is really a whirlwind trip. Every morning I woke up at around 630am, cos we seems to have things to do every morning. And Peanut seems to wake up much earlier as well. Perhaps because it gets brighter here earlier too. I think we had laksa & kolomee every day and I don't think i'll ever get sick of it cos it's too yummilicious!! We also brought the Wangs to eat at one of the more popular spots for laksa.

On our way to one of our many breakfasts. Peanut readily lets my mum carry her when she's in the car or when we're out. But she cries when my mum carries her at home. I still can't figure out why.

She loves to snuggle up to my mum. My mum bought her a pink cap cos it's so, so hot outside!! i think i'll get a heat stroke if i stay out too long.

My sis has also brought her son's walker and bumbo chair to my parents' house so that Peanut can use it while she's here.

She seems to love the bumbo chair now. Kinda regret selling off the one I had.

She doesn't like this walker though.

While here, I discovered that my mum is a huge fan of Hikosen.

She bought this orange mattress thingy just for Peanut so she can lie on it while she's here. I like it cos it's really comfy.

She also bought this bolster...

to this quilt cover for their room..

to this pillows...and many more. Even the pink cap that she bought from Peanut is from there.

Young at heart la, my mum.

Okie, time to log off. GUess there'll be a part 3.


Leona Lim said...

eee the hikosen bed seriously so cute, how come kl dun have hor..

The Peanut Momster said...

Leona: Kuching seems to have an official standalone shop, but not in KL..sigh..sad sad..