Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peanut's feedings

I have been making Peanut's food since she turned 6 months. So for the past one month, i've been chopping, peeling, peeling, pureeing. But i'm taking short cuts, cos I don't have that much free time everyday lor!

Every evening, after i come home from work, i'll make her porridge. With my slow cooker. So now my slow cooker is my new best friend!! What i'll do is, i'll put

- a small cup of rice (equivalent to a small jar of Heniz baby food)
- two mini scoops of millet,
- a couple cubes of frozen pumpkin,(or sweet potatos / carrots or all!)
- ikan bilis stock ( boil some ikan bilis and just use the water)

Frozen pumpkins, carrot, and sweet potato on the right.

and throw everything into the slow cooker! This will usually make two servings for lunch and dinner. And she'll finish everything lor!! Godzilla Good appetite definitely but i think she really likes it cos she always opens up her mouth for more.

I'll usually cut up all the vegies and freeze it during the weekend. Quite sien right if i have to do it everyday. I will turn on the slow cooker at 9pm, and let it do its job till the next morning. So by 6am, i'll have this:

Half portion eaten by Peanut de..

By early morning, after being in the slow cooker the whole night, the porridge will have become quite smooth already . No need to puree anymore. I'm gonna try spinach next, and probably fish when she turned 8 months.

To complement her porridge, i have also started making apple purees. So i'll give this to her as and when i want to.

Steamed apples

Apple puree is extremely easy to make. You just need to peel, and chop it into pieces, and steam it for around 15 to 20 mins. By then it should be quite soft and will have quite a bit of water in that bowl of apples. So pour everything into the blender together with the water and blend!!

Pureed apples in ice tray

At first i damn semangat and pour the pureed apple into these ikea ice trays. Which will then be put into the freezer. But then i realised, each cube is pretty small and i need lots of cubes to make one small jar.

So i bought some BPA free plastic containers, and pour it into these instead.

7 apples makes these.

So much easier lor really. Just take out the container that you want and leave it at the lower fridge the night before, and by next morning, it'll have soften already.

Peanut pretending to read

still pretending
you got it dude!!

And there you have it. My "guide" to making solids!


Leona Lim said...

eh where did u get these bpa free containers from?

The Peanut Momster said...

Leona: It's from The First Years "Take & Toss". Think you can find it in most baby shops hehe. it's 6 in a pack for around RM12. I got mine from Mom's Care in One U. Looks like this: