Sunday, October 25, 2009

7 months 3 weeks

For posterity's sake, I need to record down what Peanut can do at the moment. So at 7 months 3 weeks:
  • She can crawl.
  • Still eats a lot.
  • Still no teeth.
  • Still bald.
  • Can kinda respond to her name.
  • Can sit for a pretty long time.
  • Sleeps at inordinate times at night.
  • Sleeps only for an hour at the most during the day.
  • Likes to scream and pretends to cough for attention.
  • Can clap her hands and feet.
  • Difficult to wear clothes on her cos she likes to twist and turn.
  • Sits at her highchair during meal times with us.
  • Uses the potty to do her big business.
Ah..I have become one of those mothers who likes to record their babies's milestones on blogs. I shall welcome myself to the club.

Bye bye.


Cynthia said...

you are always welcome to blog on Peanut's milestone.. and it's a good way to put the record down.. :D

The Peanut Momster said...

cynthina: haha yalor. very true.