Monday, September 28, 2009

First this and that

still no hair

Eeek Peanut is almost 7 months old. And in about a month's time, I'm gonna balik kampung with BigB and lil' Peanut. I'm a bit scared as this is gonna be my first flight with Peanut; I just hope she's gonna be a good baby and won't scream or cry too much; cos pai seh right. You know how some passengers will roll their eyes and throws up their hands in the air when they see a baby sitting with them cos..

baby = crying = not gonna have a good flight.

*prays fervently*
God please let us have a good journey to and fro our Kampung and may all things run smoothly. Amen.

In other news, Peanut has now learned how to sit. She can sit for quite a bit before she falls to one side. And all of us will rush to her side. Quite like humpty dumpty except she's not sitting on a wall.

In her jammies on her new hello kitty playmat. The other option is spongebob so the choice is pretty clear.

She can sit like this for quite a bit.

The other day we brought her to BigB's relative's house, and each time she sees BigB's uncle, she will cry very loudly. Not sure whether she's tired or not or maybe because he looks fierce, but we were wondering if she's begining to recognise strangers, and might not be too comfy around them. And that night, she kept waking up and crying , and refused to stop even after i tried rocking her. order to familiarise herself with strangers, we've been bringing her out.. To not so crowded shopping malls i.e. Subang Parade and Bangsar Village. Don't want her to become suakoo right? hehe and so far it's been good. We're getting the hang of it too. :)

In her new car seat. Sleepy face cause she just woke up.

Our snacks at Dlish. Okie only la, the coffee is so-so. *gloom*

Bought this to add into Peanut's porridge.

Bought this purple cauliflower only to come home and discover online that cauliflower is best for babies 8 months up. Cos it will caused the babies to be gassy or something like that.

Peanut's very, very first meals. I wanted something organic and basic that she can digest properly as her very first meal.

Been giving her the rice cereal above as one of her first few meals, and she really likes it. I tasted it and it's pretty yummy and she always finishes it. I've now ventured into a more "complex" territory and has started making rice porridge with various vegies and purees each night. I feel like an auntie matured *ahem* each time i start chopping up the vegies and washing the rice. And i'm enjoying it! Serious. I'll leave this for another post though. But so far, her appettite has been very very good. I think she loves food, just like me.


tAuRuS said...

She's growing quite fast wey. I think she will be fine during the flight-lah. Just walk her up and down the aisle. heehhehe

Pei Chyi said...

eh i will like try to distract her with the many silly faces. Dunno we can chup seats together anot boh...

Eva The Peanut said...

Taurus: yalor, think will ask william to do it la!!! kakaakka

PC: Ya ya we try to arrive at the same time la, then we check in together gether

Cynthia said...

OH.. she is feeding very well... Breanna only want to have few spoons..