Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tulan of the day: Stupid illegal parking attendant

Last Friday, me and BigB went to work together. So after work I went to pick him up since it's more convenient that way.

So as usual la, every time I reached his office, i had to wait for a while, and i had to park at this lane behind his office there. That day I thought it was my lucky day as there were two empty parking bays. So before me there was Indian dude who was parking his car, and i was waiting for him to park his car so i can park mine, since the empty spot is next to his.

The moment he parked, he came out of the car and started directing me into my parking spot. I thought wah this dude is so nice, help me to park in this cramped space. or maybe he thought i'll scratch his car la, so no choice have to help me park. Not that i need help parking okie!! I learned how to drive for 6 months , with 4 months just learning how to park while my driving tutor leaves me and will go chit chat with his friends or read newspapers at the corner. *sad*

Anyway, after i finished parking my car, he suddenly whipped out this receipt book from his front pocket and showed me all five fingers and said "RM5!!!!"


He's actually those illegal parking attendant / jockey thugs.

*Smacks head* Sometimes I need to remind myself to not be so gullible at times. This is a dog eat dog world, not Alice in Wonderland, where got people so nice help you to park your car rite? Of course I refused to pay the RM5. Simply go and charge me RM5. It's just some back alley okie, NOT Pavillion or Rodeo Drive and BigB is gonna come down in less than 10 mins. I just drove off after that. I rather make rounds and waste my car petrol rather than give my money to that fella.



Pei Chyi said...

eeee!! careful ah next time, these fellars may like harm u ok!!

Cynthia said...

this happen.. everyone trying to claim "their" space and charged us. Even in Jalan Imbi you see this kind of ppl around! I always don't bother paying...

tAuRuS said...

hahahaha oh no! actually hor, if i were in ur position also i'd think that he's so nice to help me. since he was like parking his own car at first rite?! sigh... all these joshua type of ppl.

Josie said...

Next time make sure u are extra careful