Monday, July 20, 2009

The fever that was

Peanut was down with fever last Thursday. It scared me enough to take emergency leave from work on Friday just so that I can monitor her temperature, which reached 38.9 celsius that morning.

And me being, Worry Queen, is very glad for the Braun ear thermometer that i got just the day before cos that thing can give you a very accurate reading at super duper speed, compared to the normal thermometer which you put under the armpit as it takes around 1 minute to tell you the temperature. Not very good for people who are super kan cheong. And I think I must have checked her temperature every 10 minutes that whole day. Definitely a must-purchase for all the Worry Queens out there! We also brought her to the pedaetrician, who told us she had a viral infection, and was given paracetemol.

My honey bunny on Friday

My mum also told me of this remedy, where you take an egg and boiled it with some ginger in the pot. Once it's boiled, you peeled it off, and wrap it with a piece of hankerchief and drop a few drops (very minimal) of axe oil / eucalyptus oil on the hankie.

Then right, you need to rub the egg from the top of her head to her neck, and do this a few times until you've covered the whole head. Then you continue this with the whole body. From the shoulder to the tip of her fingers, and from her neck to the tip of her feet. Can only rub down i.e. cannot go from leg to the shoulder, or from tip of fingers to shoulder. This is supposed to eliminate the fever from the body.

I know this sound like hogwash but when you're worried and desperate to make the fever go away, you'll really do anything lor hehe and that's wot I did. Twice. By Friday evening, the fever was gone. Phew!! *rubs sweat off forehead*

Energized on Satuhday

We were still monitoring her on Saturday and because of that we had to miss Josie Posie's birthday steamboat lunch. *sorry Posie!!!!* Cannot take any risk, and I was still obsessively taking her temperature, but more like once every hour.

So... that was the weekend!!!


Cynthia said...

oh, I was worried when I first read the post, and glad Eva has recovered... Mummy, 1 lessons learn ah..

Pei Chyi said...

phew...looks like you handled it orite!