Sunday, July 12, 2009

Short weekend updates

Yesterday, BigB and me went to redo my car's tinting at Ecotint. Been wanting to get a darker and safety film installed for quite a while already. Had been stalling for a while UNTIL poor Mei Li's car window got smashed by a dude on motorcycle, who then grabbed her handbag and rode off in rush hour traffic at 6pm last week. Bloody hell hope their balls fall off and rot and they'll be unable to procreate for the rest of their fecking lives.

Sigh, I don't even feel safe in my own country anymore :(

Did the tint here, their Subang branch. Don't dare to take up close, scared the scary looking tint installers will scream at me

Secretly took this pic. The waiting / observation room. Full of men's mags. Not a female magazine in sight. Guess their customers are mainly males la!! *grumble*

Anyway, the dudes at Ecotint installed a safety film where the girl there claimed that i'll take up to 15 hard bashings on my window before it breaks. So they took out my old tint, because this safety film can only adhere to glass. And after that, they stick the normal tint over it. I chose a reflective type tint so that it keeps more heat out, and also so that it's harder to look inside my car. So it's double layered la. But no worries, all JPJ approved!!!! Dem happy now, at least i will feel more safe and secure when I drive la, since i'm always stuck in traffic jams after work and always lots of motorcyclists around *scared* . T_T

Actually their service is good. The place is clean, fully air-conditioned, free drinking water available, and you can even sms the boss before you go there to get him to quote you the price. You just need to tell him your budget, type of car, and what you want to do. So at least you won't be shocked by the exorbitant amount when you reached there. And the boss even sms me after i reached home (he's not based at the Subang branch) to make sure i'm satisfied with it, and to remind me not to wind down my window for a week. Woooooo... great customer service lor!! *pleased*

And thanks to BigB for sponsoring! *your broke wifey is really grateful uhuk uhuk*

Scarf i bought online

Ate Chilli Pan Mee for lunch nearby as recommended by Pei Chyi. No pictures cos too hungry I forgot. Found out that it's the same branch in Kota Damansara which we used to frequent last time. It's super yummy lor!! Dem pedas and satisfying!! *slurppss*

Went to Subang Parade after that, to spend our time while waiting for the car to be done. All in all, we waited for 5 hours.

My studded gladiators. Favorite sandals of the moment. It's super comfy!

Went to Mothercare for Peanut's stuff cos got sales up to 60%!! When there's sales, there's me!!! They are my best friends wtf. How to resist kan!! All of the above for less than RM50. Super happy lor! And Peanut needs to stop wearing her cousin's hand me downs cos it's mostly blue and she still looks like a boy.

Bought Fudge's Salt-Spray at Shins. To give you that "got out of bed" look and volume. I was sold when i saw a picture of Nicole Richie next to it. Apparently she uses it also! And it smells of coconut!! Sigh..reminds me of the beach!! :) :) So Mei Li, if you see my hair a bit more poufy at work, you know why la!

Quite fruitful la yesterday.

This morning, we went to KLCC with Peanut early early in the morning, to avoid the human jam. Actually our main reason for going to KLCC is because the maid has been asking us about Petronas twin towers. Said she heard about them when she was studying her "maid course" in Cambodia. Whatever la, we thought it'll be nice to bring her there since she's not been out much since she got here 6 months ago, scared she'll go crazy being stuck at home the whole time. But really, she's pretty alright. Hardworking, very helpful, though forgetful at times, and hasn't given us any shit to deal with. Yet.

We didn't do much la, except walk around to buy some personal care stuff at Watsons and socks for Peanut at another Mothercare. Mothercare is my new fave place to go but only when it's on sales cos I'm cheap like that!! Had lunch at Madam Kwan's. Eh, i think the standard dropped already. BigB's nasi bojari portion is really small lor! It looks so measly and doesn't look appetising at all. He said its definitely smaller than last time because he can finish it this time and still didn't feel full.

My assam laksa. Okay only la. I think Little Penang's is better

Penaut slept through lunch. Phew!!

Oh oh, my Brother-in-law just proposed to his gf!! hehehe so happy for them. They can now start preparing for their wedding. I love weddings lor!!! Such a happy feeling. BUT only for people I know. Don't you hate going to wedding dinners of people you hardly know??

That's it!!! Have to go work tomorrow already!!! Boohooo i hate Mondays!


Leona Lim said...

wow dint know mothercare got sales wor. :P

Pei Chyi said...

wow!! ur BIL proposed dy?? eeee so schweet!!!
i wonder when will be my BIL's turn. he's quite into the girl lor. u know he left like after lunch today to go back to KL...didn't even stay till tomorrow. Really have to see the gf wehh...konon told us he got "big meeting" tomorrow morning worh. tsk tsk tsk

tAuRuS said...

Ya hope those guys on the motorcycle that took my bag get banged down the next time they do it and nobody helps them and leaves them to die slowly!

Chio sandals fuweeweet!! And LK said ah pui looks more like u now when she smiles. eheheheh