Monday, January 21, 2013

Still crying

Now let me see...*counts the days on the calender*

It's been 14 days since Peanut started her school, and my goodness, she's still crying I'm quite mentally and emotionally prepared for this because she's a mummy's girl and is very, very sticky to me. So I more or less expect this from her. My mum told me I took a month to recover from the shock of going to school when i first went to kindy, and I vomitted almost everyday (really pity the poor teacher who have to mop up my spew..). So i should be grateful i don't have to deal with any vomitting from Peanut.

Though she still cries everyday, it's still not as a bad as the first few days. Everyday is the same old routine. She wakes up fine. I don't have to nag at her to wake up. In fact she seems quite excited every morning to go to school. Sometimes i'll prepare some snacks for her like a nutella sandwich, or some raisins. Though her school prepares snacks for them, she once told me her classmate brings food from home cos his mummy prepares for him, and she wants the same thing. Okay long as she eats something. Sometimes she'll tell me to hurry up and drive faster (school is just less than 5 mins away) because she wants to play. So..all these are good signs that she loves her school rite? However, the moment i stop my car in front of her school, she'll start with "are you going to work mummy", if it's the affirmative, she'll start her"i'll misss you at school mummy...x100"

I'm touched, i'm truly am touched, haha i really need to go to work! Everytime she starts her whining, i'll either say i miss her too, or i will change topic. If I indulge her whining more, she'll go on and on and on..Once I open the car door, the teachers will be there to 'greet' her and "carry +hug" her if her crying goes overboard. She'll hang on to me while sobbing while I faster give her a kiss, wave goodbye and drive off!! I'm truly gone in 60 seconds haha.  I have no idea what happens after that, but the teachers have mentioned that she's fine the moment i leave, and she sounds very happy and excited when she calls me after school everyday, so i'm guessing that she actually enjoys herself?

Everyday, i ask her what she does at school. Sometimes she'll layan me, sometimes no. On days she layan me, she'll tell me what she learn at school. Once, she belted out a chinese song. When I ask her what it means, she just shrugged. Since we are a non-chinese speaking household, it's quite funny to hear her singing in mandarin. It's cute.

Fingers crossed, let's not keep my hopes up, but I hope she stops crying within a month .


Cynful Pleasure said...

come hi5! My girl's school teachers, assistants and even the principal say she is ALL RIGHT after YOU LEFT!! aiyo, but the 'whinning episodes is like never ending still... guess they just know how to bully us hoh.. :p

The Peanut Momster said...

cyn: yalar hahaa ok at least i know it's normal *high 5!*