Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Peanut's first day of school

It's been almost a week since Peanut started her first day in kindy. She started on the the 2nd of January which fell on a Wednesday. School was only an hour (830 - 930)  for the first day, and 2 hours on Thurs and Fri (830-1030). I like the idea. It gives a chance for these newbies who has never gone to a school in their lives to get used to a whole new life in the next 20 years haha.

Preparation for kindy
I have been hyping up Peanut on school since June 2012. Knowing her and her shy personality, she WILL definitely need time to get used to  new surroundings so I have been bringing her to look at the school constantly which happens to be just 5 minutes away from where we live. Selling her the idea on how wonderful school is, how she's gonna make new friends, and how she will get to play in their playground with swings and slides. The kindy has a HUGE garden and there's lots of space to run around. She was pretty sold on the idea, especially when she saw the playground slides. She's a huge fan of slides.

It was great that 3 weeks before school starts, the kindy also organised a playgroup for 3 days, where parents can bring their children into the school and just hang around and get used to the new place.

First day of kindy 
I have to do mummy duty for the first three days of school. Took half day leaves so that I can hung around like a paparazzi to make sure there's no major sniffles / dramas from her.  I'm already prepared for the worst. Peanut is very shy when it comes to strangers, she will not say hi, she will not talk,  she will hide behind my back, she will not let anyone touch her!! So basically, I  was not expecting an easy breezy path since the school is full of strangers.

Would you know it?? I woke up late for the first day of school! Damn the alarm.. Fortunately, lao gong whatsapped me at around 8am just to see how we are, and i was woken up by his ping. Rushed through the shower, woke up Peanut who was very excited and she jumped out of bed in a nanosecond, and she even had time for a shower. Made some milk for her and we were out of the house by 815am and reached school just in time. Fuh.

Honestly,her first day of school was pretty much a breeze if you wanna compare it to days after. She didn't cry much (just watery eyes), and even let the teacher hold her hand and lead her to her classroom. Usually she would have resisted people touching her.   Being the mommarazzi, I stood outside her class for that 1 whole hour haha. 1 hour flew pretty quickly. I took her for breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam after as I need an ice cold kopi kao to wake me up. Usually I prefer to go Papparich Kopitiam  as I like their decor much better but I needed a change for my usual half boiled eggs and toast. I haven't been to Old Town for the longest time  and i was pretty impressed by their breakfast menu sets. SO many choicesssss compared to Papaparich. I like!! and it all comes with coffee / tea. Nice! I'm a new convert. Good place to go  if you need to go for your usual coffee / eggs/ toast in an air-conditioned place and you need to bring your anak along.(clean and not so crowded mah)

I wanted to do a happy dance right after the first day of school. I thought i have winged it and was pretty convinced that Peanut rose above my expectations and that she'll have no problems adapting to school at all. I thought i got off easy. I must say I am pretty delusional. Someone should have warned me that some kids can get sucked into a bubble of happiness on first day of schools. And that the bubble will burst on the second day.

More school episodes to come next!

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