Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday updates

It's tough to handle two kids, and especially so if you happened to be all alone with them at home. Tough keeping the bigger one occupied, while handling those diaper changing, feeding, bathing, rocking for baby.

Lately, Peanut has been bugging me constantly and she's driving me up the wall with her incessant"what should I do now??" She's like a broken record, she can repeat the same question over and over again even though i have answered her in various ways. it doesn't stop there. She's always asking me 'what should i eat now", "where should i go" etc

I've been taking the easy way out lately, by plopping Peanut in front of the tv for Disney Junior. That'll keep her quiet for a bit and where she catches up on her favorite cartoons. To name a few, she's in LOVE, and I mean, ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with mickey mouse clubhouse, pororo, little einsteins, handy manny, special agent oso to name a few. I'm so familiar with these cartoons I can probably sing most of their theme songs. The good thing is, her vocaulary and knowledge is expanding from these programmes. The bad thing is, well let's not go there.

There are days when I feel she needs to do other things besides watching tv.. and this is one of them. Painting.

The little bub is also growing quite a bit.

He's much easier to take care of compared to Peanut. He sleeps on schedule, and he can sleep through the night. Perhaps that's the difference between boys and girls and I hope i didn't jinx it by saying it here.. haha

Showing some sisterly love, but i'm not sure he's loving it lol She's a sweetheart though, she tells me everyday that she loves her didi.

My mum got Peanut a traditional hanbok dress after they went to Korea for a holiday. The complete set is super cute. It even comes with a head band with a traditional sign.  Too bad the size is just ngam ngam, she's gonna outgrow it real soon!


Josie said...

Happy Valentine Day Grace! How the little ones have grown!... and I am in love with them as always.

The Peanut Momster said...

Josie: Happy Valentine's day too Josieee. yah they grow up super fast! Gulps. *big big hugggg* xoxo

Leona said...

they have pretty much the same smile!

The Peanut Momster said...

Leona: yah they look quite similar at that age hehe

PINKPheng said...

They're beautiful Grace!! Peanut has grown into a young little lady.. She's so sweet and her didi is just so cute! I love to see happy babies and he is definitely one!! (:

The Peanut Momster said...

Thanks Pheng!!! :D *hugssss*