Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The holidays are over

How time flies, just last week, i was busy packing to balik kampung, now I'm preparing to go back to work tomorrow *uhuk uhuk*. We landed back in KL a couple hours ago, and already i'm missing my home, my family, the noise, and the abundance of food everywhere. My parents like to stock food at home like it's going out of fashion. You'll never go hungry in their home wtf.

Some pictures:
Busy splashing water to scold you liddis??

Check out the pink pajama top above. I wore this 30 years ago!! My grandma tailor made this and it's still in pretty mint condition.

With Meow Meow the bolster

Not sure who she looks like. Opinon is 50-50.

On the tricycle at home

Busy watching tv


After the CNY, there's no more festive season to look forward to. *sigh* BACK to the daily grind.


Pei Chyi said...

eh she can pretty much stand up oredy hoh!! good job Peanut!

Who is tAuRus?? said...

she's so kiut!! *hugs eva tightly*

Cynthia said...

well come back to KL...

I envy you... peanut allow you to put head bands on her... and Breanna won't let me do that!! :p Peanut is so cute!

The Peanut Momster said...

PC: fake one..she's standing up wif the help of the bikey heheh

Taurus: hehe thanks

Cynthia: i have to put headbands on her cos too many ppl said she looks like a boy :P hehe but i've been putting it on her since young, so maybe that's why she doesn't reject it