Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!

What do you know, it's CNY again. My second favorite season after Christmas cos there's tons of good food around wtf!

So i've been searching high and low for something 'traditional' for my little pumpkin and I finally found it! And the stock ran out fast luckily i managed to get one in her size. Eeps, so many mums out there also wanna dress their kids in traditional costumes and take photo kah? *shy*

hewwo...can you imagine some mountains behind me??

Can you hear the birds chirping ?

It's damn hard to take picture of her nowadays cos she moves around a lot. And this is the only shot I'm able to take of her doing the gong xi gong xi hong pao na lai!!!!!!!!!! I was sweating after taking pictures of her on the move. Not easy wey, lao niang old de.

And to everyone who reads this blog, a very happy Chinese New Year to you all. May peace and love prevails above all and may there be less sufferings, less sickness in this world. Sounds like beauty queen drivel eh but it's true. I really mean it from the bottom of my heart :)



Josie said...

I showed this to the family and they said peanut looked like an 'ang moh', heartbreaker!

Who is tAuRus?? said...

heheh i saw quite a lot of kids wearing those traditional costumes in sg. i think it's like something each mother would want to do at least once! heheh

Pei Chyi said...

eee happy chinese new year to Peanut and the Chongs alike!

next yr i can dress Muffin up in a Wong Fei Hoong outfit complete with chinese hat and fake braid