Monday, February 22, 2010


I've been thinking lately. With our new house almost ready, some changes will need to be made in our daily schedule.

Right now, I go to work every morning around 7am *_* as it takes me around one hour to reach my office. And I don't like to be late, hence me leaving so early. But since i'm staying with the in-laws at the moment, things are pretty easy with regards to Peanut. I'll just pass Peanut to my MIL before i go off to work. And i'll takeover again i.e. taking care of Peanut when I reached home in the evenings. No need to do any cooking, as i'll just eat whatever my MIL has cooked. Easy rite?? Cos there are days when i'm so tired when i reach home that i can't do anything except lie on the bed and chill with Peanut thanks to the stoopid jam.

But now that we'll be moving out to our new place..logistically, it's gonna be quite difficult. And tough. Now if I were to practice whatever I'm doing so far every day, that is to send Peanut to my MIL everyday, i would need to leave my house at 6:30am just so that I can reach my PIL's house by 7am. Our house is around 15 to 20 minutes away from them. Which means, including time to get to work, I'll spend almost 2 hours in the car to work everyday. And after work will be stressful as well. I'll need to pick her up, and bring her back to our new home, and then, i'll probably need to cook dinner as well. Frankly, i find it not feasible, and i feel tired thinking about it already. So what am I to do????????? Leaving Peanut to spend the weekdays and nights at home with my in-laws is not an option. I don't want to be a weekend mum. And i'll miss her too much. I'll probably cry myself to sleep if Peanut is not with me, which will probably distress BigB greatly hahaha

So emm..let me lay out my options down here:

  1. i wake up even earlier, and send Peanut to my in-laws, and bring her back after work everyday.
  2. BigB sends Peanut instead to my in-laws and I pick her up.

The two options above will require us to leave the house even earlier everyday, and i'll need to bring Peanut home after work which will means us reaching home only at around 730pm to 8pm everyday and have me cook dinner on top of that for us. Food catering is not an option here. Tapauing food from my in-laws is possible, but a bit mafans. *haiz*

3. BigB suggested that his dad come and pick up Peanut everday from our home instead.

Hm...I don't think that's a good idea. For one, he'll need to wake up really early to come to the house. Quite poor thing leh if we were ask him to do this everyday.

4. I become a SAHM.

Er..definitely not a good idea yet. We need two incomes!! Having a child is not cheap.

5. I become a WAHM i.e Work-At-Home-Mom.

I donno any jobs that i can do from home, and still earn the same salary.

6. We spend the weekdays at our in-laws and the weekends at our own home.

Is this a good idea? That begets the question on why are we even having our own place in the first place. But it does makes things easier for us, but which will also leave the house empty during the weekdays. People might notice.

7. Suck it up and just sort of survive through all these drivings, and rushings and stress.


I'm probably thinking a bit way ahead, but there's other things to consider in future. Who's gonna drop Peanut to playschools, playgroups and schools in future? Who's gonna help her with her homeworks? And what's gonna happen if i want to have a second child? wonder there's always an ongoing debate among mothers. Career vs Family.


Actually, from the options above, I already know which is the best for me, and which is the one i want most. And BigB is equally supportive of it as well, if not more. Now, all i have to do is to get the ball rolling..


Who is tAuRus?? said...

Yay.. let's wait for the good news! :)

The Peanut Momster said...

Taurus: ya ya keke *prays*