Monday, January 18, 2010


It's January 18, 2010 already and i haven't even blogged since the new year. I've been quite busy with a lot of things but if you ask me what i'm busy with, I don't really have a specific answer. Not as if I'm saving the world or anything also. But let me put things into perspective.

Since the start of 2010, we're still busy with the house renovations. It's quite daunting really. Two greenhorns who don't know anything about 1st grade and 2nd grade tiles, to piping and plumbing and wiring have to speak to our contractor, plumber, electrician who only converse in cantonese and try to make sense of what they're trying to tell us and us trying to act not so suaku in order not to be ripped off. Yes, it's a challenge, but I guess BigB has it harder cos he's the man and he has to make all the decisions *smug*. But it's coming along and they better not screw anything up if not i'm gonna be a pissy dragon lady.

Also, this month, i had to take about a week's leave from work since last Monday because my parents-in-law went to the UK for my SIL's graduation. Someone has to take care of Peanut and tat person is me :) :) !!! I'ts really a great time for a bonding session with Peanut and I get to experience what a SAHM's life is. BigB has kindly taken a few days leave also to accompany us and so that we can go out *secret revealed: BigB doesn't allow me to go out alone with Peanut cos he's afraid I can't handle it ie. Peanut, stroller, baby bag, shopping mall, toilet breaks all at one go* . He's right, I don't think I can cos i tend to be a bit of a kan cheong mama when i'm out. I might leave something behind in the shopping mall if i'm not careful *_*.

n the days when BigB went to work, and leaves only me and Peanut at home, this is what we did.

8am - wakes up and drink kohfeh while Peanut drinks her milk
10am - Hang the laundry in the garden while Peanut is stuck in the playpen watching me hang clothes
1030am - We shower together gether
11am - Peanut eats her porridge and takes a nap while i quickly prepare stuff for dinner and wash up some things
11:30 till 6pm - LOST marathon, with peanut taking a nap at around 3pm and i go and cook dinner.
6pm - Peanut has her dinner and then onto shower
7pm - Kill mosquitoes while waiting for BigB to come back so I can have dinner
11pm - Everyone sleeps!!!!!!

So you can, see, nothing interesting happened; i managed to finish LOST season 5 in a period of a few days, don't have the chance to read newspaper or blogs and i sorta lost touch with the world. So i think i can understand what they mean when they say some housewives tend to "lose" themselves in the process of taking care of the home. They have no one to talk to except to their children, doesn't dress up anymore ( my hair was in a mess and i was in "house clothes" the whole day that smelled of pee and splattered with food) and have nothing to talk about when their husbands reach home. All I asked BigB each day he comes home was "is my cooking good or not??" lol cos i'm too tired to have a decent conversation and i need somebody to praise me lor haha *earnest need to feel validated and appreciated*

SAHM is not an easy job. It's a 24 hour thing, no breaks in between, no leaves. This is really true, not something that is made up by disgruntled SAHMs. I guess only when u're a mom would anyone know the feeling. And i really salute what they do everyday, and especially if they have 2 to 3 kids of around the same age. Not to say those working mums have it easy also la. I'm just saying SAHM is under-appreciated sometimes by many people.

Oo and during the weekend, we finally managed to go to Penang for a short break with the Wangs, Josie, Taurus and Keattie. I've always wanted to go to Penang for a long long time but never had the chance to. I think the last time i was there was when i was like 10? Well, i can't remember anything about it, but my mum said i've been there you have it. To me, Penang was truly beautiful, except for the jams and the drivers la. Penang feels very holiday-ish to me cos of the beaches around it. I love it, and the food, was a major plus point. We had a great time there, and the company was great. didn't take any pictures tho. :P Definitely will go back there again. We (without the rest of the gang), went on to Ipoh after that to visit BigB's friends and only got back today. Peanut was great throughout the travel, no tantrums despite us having to walk in the sun to eat at hawker food stalls and cafes.

And i have to go back to work tomorrow. Major sigh. *_* I'm really gonna miss Peanut.

Pictures i took of Peanut one day when both of us are bored at home. Her 'many expresssions' series:

Series ends here. Good nite everybody!!!


Cynthia said...

how cute is Peanut!!! and see her inside her playpen.. now Breanna does not want to go anymore.. :( You are a great mum.. and enjoy all the reno process and progress ya.. :D

The Peanut Momster said...

hahah thanks yea actually she keeps wanting to get out of the playpen lor. Not easy to keep her inside.

Pei Chyi said...

whoa...she mmg banyak facial expression siut! i enjoyed our almost 24 hours with Peanut and u guys :)

The Peanut Momster said...

PC: hehe and we enjoyed ourselves with you guys too!!! :)