Friday, January 22, 2010

10 facts

10 facts. Go ahead and read if you've nothing to do lol. Anyway here goes!!

  • I think ghosts exist? I once witnessed this in my school. A girl had apparently killed herself. She was really pretty, and extremely talented and smart. But stil she chose to die becos she quarreled with her bf. The bf also killed himself unfortunately :(. Anyway, the day after she died, we had an impromptu school assembly where the headmaster told us about the news. And suddenly, the light above her classmates (it's those long fluoroscent lights that were being held by two long chains at each end) started to swing vigorously. Like really swing wildly type lor. Like someone is pushing it. And I remembered looking out the hall just to see whether the trees were swaying or not, and whether the wind was that strong that it could moved that light. Well it was a hot day outside, and everything was very still. The hall had like 10 other lights, but only the one above her classmates was moving. And it moved during the whole duration of the assembly. Close to half an hour and it only stopped when the assembly finished. It's something that i will never, ever forget.

  • My mum forced me and my siblings to learn how to play the piano when we were young, just in case we failed our studies in the future and cannot find a job and so we can become piano teachers instead. *_*. I also learned how to play the organ, violin & clarinet.

  • I'm deathly afraid of any animals with feathers. Chickens la, birds, turkeys la, i think ostrichs are the worst. So much feathers!!!! Gross. They scared the shit out of me and I refuse to hold or be near any feathery animals.

  • The only 'celebrities' i ever met in my life are all Malaysians FML. Ella, Elaine Daly, Sheila Majid. I'm surprised I even know their names or that I could recognise them *_*

  • My first dog was a mongrel and my mum named it Terror cos he terrorised the whole family.

  • When i was around 9, i once watched this chinese drama where the Japanese invaded China and they killed and tortured everyone. And i was so worried it'll happen to me so I asked my mum whether the Japanese will invade us again or not. Instead of pacifying me, my mum fuelled my worries by saying "yeah, who knows. Maybe they will again". So I worried myself silly for like almost a month and then one day the worry just disappeared. Just liddat. Buang masa.

  • I was also worried that the ozone layer will deplete and kill us all and i was quite sure the world was gonna end cos that time ozone layer depletion was a very "heng" topic. So you can see, my "worry penyakit" started from young.

  • I have 3 front tooth. To put it simply: My left front tooh, well I had three of them. Two of them were baby teeth. When I had my second baby tooth, my dad took me to the dentist cos i had a mini accident. The doc took an xray for me and said i had a third tooth, still in my gums, which is gonna come out. So he pulled the second tooth out. Thank God the third tooth really came out, if not...well, i cannot imagine.

  • i've eaten snakes and bats before. Cos my mum said it's very "pu". She made the soups for my sis actually cos she had lots of sickness when she was young. So we were forced to drink with her. All for one, and one for all.

  • I really, really believe in the power of prayers because I've experienced it personally. Amen.


BigB said...

no wonder you're such a worry wart fusspot..

PINKPheng said...

Gal... i'm reading your blog post at 3.02am now and your first fact freaked me out!!!

Thank God for the cutesy, sweetie looking blog background cos tht eased up my feelings a lil....

The Peanut Momster said...

BigB: I know, right. :P

PinkPheng: hehe and the eerie part was that a week later when we had another assembly, that light swing again. But this time for only around 10 minutes.. go figure man. Encounter of the third kind.

Pei Chyi said...

wahrao...i also fraidy cat. about everything. so we kam-cheng lah!

The Peanut Momster said...

PC: yah maybe can form a group wif Taurus la heheh