Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peanut and me down

urgh...I've been feeling pretty sick since Sunday.
itchy and sore throat
ticklish nose


And my poor Peanut has been coughing since last Friday. Fortunately, she doesn't cough much when she sleeps. In fact, she's able to sleep through the night. She seems to cough only when she's awake and her coughs are on and off. Anyhow...we still brought her to the doctor and the doc said her lungs are fine and we just need to monitor her.

The doctor also told us not to give her any cough medicine unless her coughs are severe. I asked her what she meant by severe...she said it's non-stop coughing. And that medication can caused drowsiness.

Though i won't categorize her coughs as severe, we still decided to give her the cough medicine on the fourth day because the cough is still there. And it certainly didn't caused any sleepiness to her because she refuses to sleep after each dose.

Being a mother has lots of responsibilities and worries, yeah? Well, more for me, cos ya know, I'm a worrywart. So even though she's still her active self, still finishes all her milk, gobbling up her food and asking for more even before i can put the spoon back into the bowl, i can't help but feel a bit worried and hope she'll get better soon.


Cynthia said...

hopefully peanut recover soon... and don't worry too much ya.. "D

Eva The Peanut said...

cynthia: thanks :)

Lex Mum said...

i understand your worries babe,
my boy just recover from flu-fever-cough-mouth infection..
which we though was H1N1.
luckily not!

hang in there ya babe, i hope you both will be alright soon!

Eva The Peanut said...

Lex mum: Thanks Wow, that must be scary :(. Luckily he's fine now!