Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Be careful of what you put in the trash

Uncle Peter* and his wife, Lily* have been married for 30 plus years. They were an odd pair; he's the typical chinaman, and she's the typical chinaman's wife. He works his arse off managing his hardware shop,  while she whiles her time away in hair and beauty salons. Though they do not see eye to eye on many things, they still remain married and have 3 kids along the way.

On their 35th year wedding anniversary, they invited their friends and relatives for a sumptuous buffet dinner at their house. The evening of the buffet, Lily decided that it's best if she hid her gold jewelry just in case someone decides to venture into their bedroom and steal it. She looked high and low for a safe place  and finally decided that the trash can is the best place to keep it safe. After all, she reasoned, who will look through the trash for expensive items to steal?

 The buffet dinner was a resounding success. Everyone  partied and enjoyed themselves immensely till past midnight. Both Peter and Lily were very pleased with themselves. Days later, Lily were painting her toenails when her blood suddenly ran cold. She had forgotten to take her jewelry back from the trash can!! She quickly ran into her bedroom while praying fervently that her maid has not thrown the trash. Alas, luck was not on her side. the trash can was empty!  The maid had thrown the trash the day before, along with all her precious gold (Which was wrapped in a supermarket plastic bag) As she stared into the empty can, she realised she has thrown almost RM30k worth of jewelry away....

(Somewhere in garbage land, there will be a very happy scavenger if he happened to chance upon the loot.)

#True story.

*Names have been changed to protect the silly.

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