Wednesday, June 16, 2010

15 months update: Taking instructions

Peanut is beginning to take instructions quite well, but that really depends on her mood. If she's happy and thinks you're the best thing since milk, then you're in for a treat. She'll do whatever you ask her to do. Otherwise she'll just ignore you. She's getting more and more demanding, she knows how to tell you if she's wet and hating it, she knows how to ask for milk, she can point to a flower and says "fawerr", she knows how to say "baby" if she sees one on tv, and she calls men "uncle" and women "auntie". Even though you're only 20, so don't be offended if she calls you one :)

She can walk a few steps, only to falter and sit down. So she's not really running like a road runner yet. She's very curious. She opens up all drawers, books, bags, whatever you have with you at the moment. She hates being hugged tightly. Her face will turn red and she'll start screaming. She always laughs in delight when she sees her picture on our phones. She kisses everything. Her pictures, her bears, books, our mobile phones; she'll kiss them when we asked her to kiss it. But ask her to give you a kiss, she'll extend her forehead out to you, and yes, you'll have to kiss her instead. She's quiet around strangers and people she doesn't know well; she doesn't even make a squeak.

At 15 months, she discovers how to use a straw. So she'll want a taste of everything that you're drinking, which is not that great cos i'm constantly drinking coffee. I now have to opt for healthier drinks when i'm eating with her, just so that she can take a sip of it too. She wants a piece of everything that we eat too, so eating peacefully has been quite difficult nowadays.I'm not sure how heavy she is at the moment. We only weighed her at the doctor's during her vaccinations and even that is a struggle to put her on the scale. So I'm now estimating her weight to be around 11+kg, as she's getting heavier and heavier.

She imitates whatever we do, so we gotta be mindful of our actions. If I take my vitamin pills, she'll take the bottle and pretend to throw a pill in her mouth. She likes to pretend to drink from a cup, and she loves taking her ear temperature, just because I constantly uses the ear thermometer when she's sick.

So it's pretty easy to teach her some actions. You just got to demonstrate it a few times and she'll do it the next time you tell her to.

This is the "elephant"

This is the "flying kiss"

This is the "lion"

This is the "chicken dance"

This is the "bunny"

And this is "lift up you legs"

She's not really looking at me in the pictures. Her eyes were glued to the tv. Some korean boy band with like 10 to 13 members wtf were on tv dancing and singing. A future groupie or what?


Pei Chyi said...

my oh my i wanna squeeezeee her!
And Grace she does look much taller now

Who is tAuRus?? said...

Aiyor scho chomel!