Saturday, May 15, 2010

Short updates

There are lots of things for babies / toddlers in the market and I'm always tempted to buy them. Some are quite unnecessary but if it makes my life a bit more convenient and colorful, i'll say, just buy it!

Peanut needs to take more porridge nowadays so my measly small thermos that i used to use is now redundant. We take her porridge out when she needs to eat her lunch or dinner outside. So we bought the above which comes in set. A thermos food flask, a pair of chopsticks, and three small containers to store more food. I think the Japanese probably uses this kind of bento set for their lunch everyday at the office, hence the dark, gloomy thermos bag.

I don't really like that color so I bought a thermos bag to carry all the food stuff above. I love it so much because it's a bright, cheerful pink with a happy looking bear in front lol. it looks like a takeaway bag and it's insulated so all your food will be kept cool inside.

Bought this baby toothbrush. Peanut now has lots of growing teeth, so it's time to keep her teeth hygiene in check.

A wrist toy my mum bought for her.

I'm using this lotion for her skin now. Some parts of her skin is quite dry, and this seems to work really well as it's really moisturizing. Cheap and good. I can feel her skin is so much better and smoother even after putting it on for one day only.

Bought this because the illustrations are really pretty and because I need to brush up on my nursery rhymes.
Random stuff i bought from Daiso. This container is to put your packet drinks inside, so your kid can't squeeze the box and spill the drink.

Best purchase of the month, also bought from Daiso (dolpin not included). This is an anti-static rod and I really need this! I got this because i keep getting static shocks from pushing the stroller wtf. It got to a point where I'm afraid to touch Peanut because i can literally see a bright spark from my finger on contact with her skin and it's darn painful. I'm not sure whether it's hurting her or not because I don't see any reaction from her. I just need to touch the rod on the stroller before touching her, and all's good after that!

Got a bracelet with her name for myself at those beads shop. It makes me feel closer to her during work :)

Got one for her too to remind her of me during the day wtf. It's supposed to be a bracelet but unfortunately it's a bit too big so she's using it as an anklet. It has a bell too.

Most pictures taken now are of her in the car seat.. That's the only place that will keep her still, and where she'll willingly sit and where I'm sane enough to take some pictures!


Cynthia said...

always good to come by and see how smiley is little Eva!

Pei Chyi said...

hey i have the exact same thermos with the matching chopsticks too!!
BTW, i need to get that static neutraliser thingy also...i always kena zapped too :P

The Peanut Momster said...

Cynthia: Your darling is very chubby and smiley too!

PC: ya, i like this thermos! Can use it in future for myself when she doesn't need it anymore keke. and i hate kena zapped wey!! so annoying!