Saturday, May 29, 2010

Peanut's Baptism

It has always been my wish that Peanut be baptised when we first had her. I'm a Catholic but DH is not but he's also a Christian. I broached the subject of baptising Peanut in the Catholic church last month to DH, and thankfully, DH readily agreed. I called up the church and asked for the baptism ceremony date and i what I would need to prepare. The baptism date also happened to fall on my birthday. What a coincidence eh? I would like to think this as God's birthday gift to me. To have her blessed and baptised in church on my birthday. Double joy! :)

The registration is pretty simple. All i had to do was to fill in the registration form, and attend a one hour talk on Baptism which in hindsight is a good thing. It prepares you for the real day itself, and it reminds us on why Baptism is very important and its key purpose. And oh, we also need to appoint a Godmum for Peanut.

And guess who we got??

It's Josie!! She's the perfect candidate, really. She's Catholic, she love Peanut and have seen her when she's just a little baby, AND she's a Sunday School teacher. 'Nuff said. I don't think I can get anyone better than this; someone who can also teach Peanut the Bible and about the Church and she'll probably do a much better job than me.

To prepare myself and as a gift for Peanut, I got her the Bible above :) . I LOVE this Bible. It's like a story book. it's colorful, the words are big, there's lots of pictures, and it makes Bible reading so much more easier and I had a great time reading it. Really good buy i must say.

On Baptism day itself, we dressed her in white and we were in the church by 9am as the ceremony starts at 9:45am. There were around 20 babies / toddlers there as well, waiting to be baptised. It took around one hour for everything to be done.

Father Paulino was the Priest that did the Baptism. I got him to bless me when i was pregnant for a safe delivery; and I also got him to bless Peanut when she was a few months old so I was very happy when i knew he was baptising her.

I really like to attend his Mass. I credit him for bringing me back to church more regularly. He's very passionate and inspiring; for example, when we say "Peace be with you" during Mass, and his response will be "and also with you", he will also extend his arms really wide and you can tell he really means it. I don't know how to verbalise it, but he does make me feel closer to God. And when i receive the communion from him, I'll usually bring Peanut along with me because he'll bless Peanut first, before giving me the communion. Such a great feeling when he does that. :)

Each of the baptised child received a cross.

We also got a small card from the Sunday School kids. Each child has a card drawn from scratch from the kids. Cute.

And Peanut's Godma gave her this cross. Thanks so much Josie. We love it!!!!


LexMum said...

Hi dear, isn't baptism same as christening?
Peanut looks somehow thinner..but taller :)

The Peanut Momster said...

lexmum: i *think* it's the same? or similar la at least. She is thinner definitely. Her arms are really thin lol

Pei Chyi said...

aww, she's a big girl already *wipes tears*

The Peanut Momster said...

peichyi: ya wey, all grown up! heheeh

PINKPheng said...

So fast cute peanut grown de.. next thing you know. she might be celebrating her sweet 16 :)

The Peanut Momster said...

pinkpheng: and let's hope she doesn't turn into a nightmarish teenager kekeke