Friday, August 13, 2010

Slowly but surely

So.......for the past one month, i have been wearing this corset. Actually buying this was my only hope to lose weight. My last hope. I don't have time to go to the gym. I did join the gym before a few years ago, but unfortunately, i was too lazy to go to the gym everyday. More so, even now, when i go home late from work everyday, and my weekend is just too precious (gotta spend time wif Peanut) to spend it at the gym hahah and also, i want to give my MIL a break lah. I can't expect her to take care of Peanut in the weekends too rite, while i slog it out at the gym...

Been trying to go on diet too..For the longest time, since Peanut was born, i have been trying so hard to lose weight. I eat one scoop of rice for lunch everyday with vegetables and stuff, and same for dinner too. Occasionally, during the weekends i'll eat more than that of course... But still, my weight just never budged..despite all the controlled eating. It just stayed stagnant. I imagined my "fats" have turned into solid lard in my hahahhah..

So i bought this Premium Beautiful corset finally. Desperate de. Wanna lose some weight by September. For reasons only known to a few people *wink wink*. So i started wearing on July 12.

After a month of wearing my Premium Beautiful corset, I managed to lose from 59.2kg to 56.7! a 2.5 kg weight happy. I feel even more motivated now. I wear this corset every night without fail. At first, it was uncomfy. Cos i'm not used to something gripping my body..I would say the first day is the hardest. But by the 3rd day, my body got used to it. I can walk, bend down, everything as per normal. And it's not the wear until u wanna suffocate kind. No's the kind that just flatten your tummy and grip at all the places that it's suppose to grip. For example..lift up your buttocks and boobs (wah, like Madonna's spiky bra type of height just that it's soft), and push all your fats into the right places.

Gradually i could see the result. My tummy became flatter, my pants and jeans become looser, i can feel my waist de..doesn't feel so thick anymore. Frankly, and to be honest, i really love it! In fact, i can't go to sleep without it already, feel as if something's missing if i'm not wearing it. It's very comfy. I feel it's a very very worth it purchase. I'm not saying it just because i'm selling it. But because i can really see and feel the result. Best part is, it has a lifetime warranty. So if the stitches unravel, or it's torn, no worries, can send back to the stockist and they'll fix for you! For free. That's one of the thing that sold me lah. That and the fact that I can use this forever and ever. Unlike, for example, if you were to go to one of the slimming centre. This corset is also good for health too, it helps to reduce your stretchmarks, reduce bloatedness as it can really expel all the wind in your body, heals your backache and much more. The first week i wore it, i can feel I let out *ahem* gas a lot. Sorry, gotta say it. Really buang angin lor. I feel not so bloated anymore.

Now let's hope i can reach my target weight soon!

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